A Snowy Wedding in Moscow – Ekaterina & Roman


With the weather being as undecided as it is at the minute – I thought I’d share this stunning Russian wedding that took place in Moscow from Igor Gerasimchuk. Seriously – Tattooed bride Ekaterina and her husband Roman look absolutely beautiful in the snow after their Tzaritsinsky registry office ceremony!



We got to know each other near the fountain on a summer day and 5 days after our acquaintance we went on a trip. Our first romantic city became Kiev and it was there where we understood we couldn’t live without each other. After that we started to live together and 3 years later we went to our another holiday. It was a picnic with nights by the shore of the Black sea. At the sunset when the sun was going down the horizon and the stars were shining, Roman knelt down and asked me to marry him. It was so romantic that sure I said “Yes!” – Otherwise he’d have killed me! 


There was a subcontinent “Dandy” at the end of forties until the early sixties in the USSR. Later “Dandies” adopted the rock-n-roll image and pin-up. The images were bright and elegant. So that was the style we wanted to emphasize in our wedding. 

Tattoos are inalienable part of our look, so undoubtedly they emphasized our image, like they do daily. 


We sorted out everything to the small points. Adornments, gifts and necessary elements were made by me and my husband. Even my bouquet was made by husband (using accurate instructions!).


How beautiful is Ekaterina and Roman’s winter wedding? Thank you to them both and to Igor Gerasimchuk for sharing their special day with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to leave them some love.

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  1. Oh these are just stunning. The red against the snow white. Amazing!