A Bliss Barn Wedding Of An Artist And A Builder – Lauren & Dean


Good morning! Today I get to share another fabulous pastel coloured DIY wedding where the bridesmaids were told to pick whichever grey dress they wanted to wear. This time from Love & Perry Photography of tattooed bride Lauren and hubby Dean.


I think the details ARE what represented us as a couple. Dean and I were very involved planning, building, and making every last little part, to the point where our families had no idea where we were going with it. We didn’t like the idea of just signing up for our event and pointing to the colors we liked. This was an opportunity to really create something wonderful and be very hands on. We chose to host our wedding at a friend’s property so that we could oversee everything.



We first met when a mutual friend gave Dean my address and told him to show up at my apartment when I got home from work (she neglected to tell me this). It was one of those “You’re handsome, but should I be calling the cops?” moments. We talked for a couple minutes and I sent him on his way. About 6 months later we met up again and started dating.


We made the decor for the reception, tables, ceremony, invites, seating chart, my birdcage veil, etc etc…. He’s a builder and I’m an artist. There was no way around it. My mother and our poor sisters had the pleasure of learning how to make a rose out of paper then make 5 thousand more. (Thank you,thank you for the sacrifice of your fingertips to hot glue)


We loved everything and just wish it could have gone on longer. Obviously the ceremony was the romantic part, but also pretty terrifying standing up in front of a crowd of your closest friends and family. The whole day was like a fairytale and exactly what we worked so hard to make it.


How gorgeous are Lauren and Dean? Thank you to them both for sharing their awesome hand-crafted wedding with Marry Me Ink today. be sure to leave them both and Love & Perry Photography some love!

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Photography – Love & Perry Photography
Venue – Bliss Farm , Granville, Massachusetts 
Lauren’s Dress – Marisa from Bella Bridal, Amesbury
Dean’s Suit – Brooks Brothers
Hair – Caitlin Doris 
Stationery – Sleeper Hollow Creations
Catering – North Elm Butcher Block of Westfield, Massachusetts
Band – The Jack Grace Band of NY

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