Pig’s Bladder & Petticoat – The Travelling Cocktail Bar


There’s nothing I love more than an attractive drink in a quirky venue.. When the girl at Pig’s Bladder & Petticoat emailed me about their travelling cocktail bar, I was instantly interested. Seriously – It looks amazing.


We are two friends, Maya and El, and together we run a travelling cocktail bar called Pig’s Bladder & Petticoat

Borne out of our love affair with cocktails, we decided to create our own perfect illicit drinking hideout so we transformed an old, dilapidated burger van into a beautiful cocktail bar. It’s the perfect travelling drinking den and looks stunning wherever it goes – it’s an incredible treat for weddings and celebrations, so please do get in touch if you’d like to find out more about hiring us!

Our name may sound pretty out there, but there’s a fascinating story behind it… it’s a hip flask of the 18th century. Loose women used to fill pig’s bladders with gin, then smuggle them onto war ships by hiding them in their petticoats… the perfect crime! 


We have a lifelong love for good food and drink, and we’re inspired by seasonal produce and we love experimenting with flavours and a wide range of spirits. We always infuse spirits with fruits, herbs or flowers and we love cooking up homemade syrups. Every menu we create is bespoke to the event that we’re catering for, so if you have favourite flavours or spirits we’d design a special menu just for you and your guests.   

We’d encourage all brides to stay true to themselves – we love it when you can see a bride and grooms individual personality and character in their wedding. It’s what makes it truly magical and unique. Plus any bride that loves a tasty cocktail and a good old knees up is always a winner in our book!! 


Our idea of the perfect wedding would be hidden away in the English countryside, either in a field or woodland. We’d invite all our beautiful friends and family for a big party and drink cocktails until the sun came up!

Our beautiful trailer is available for hire, so whatever your plans, we’d love to hear about them. Give us a call on 0783 2262838 or email us on pigsbladder.petticoat@gmail.com


This is such an amazing idea! I love the look of the cocktail trailer.. Be sure to go and like the Pig’s Bladder & Petticoat Facebook page to see what their latest cocktail creations are. Be sure to leave them some love!

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  1. This is AMAZING! They’re on my ‘Ultimate Party List’!