An Outdoor DIY Lace and Vintage Barn Wedding – Felicia & Seth


Felicia and Seth married in a gorgeous outdoor wedding at Mathwig Event Barn in Maryland, completely decorated with lace and vintage trinkets, and photography from Unforgettable Expressions.


We met online. Our first few planned hangouts fell through and I was about to just give up. However our third date happened.. (Third time’s the charm right?) For our first date we hung out at Seth’s house and played with Star Wars Lego (we are huge Star Wars fans) and watched Blade Runner while adding our own commentary. He was such a gentleman and walked me to the car that night. He never gave me a goodnight kiss. So naturally I assumed he didn’t like me. The next night we got together and he finally kissed me… to which I laughed in his face. I had to quickly explain I wasn’t laughing at him but that his beard tickled my lips and made me giggle.


Pretty much all the decorations were DIY. I searched high and low on the internet collecting lace, vintage items, just anything you could think of. We got married in a barn and I filled it with wildflowers, mason jars, chalkboards, acorns and pinecones. I made a ton of scrap fabric garland in various sizes to hang in the entrance and on tables. I am a photographer myself so I really made sure that I set everything up perfectly for photographs.


The biggest thing in the entire wedding that represented us was probably the music. We aren’t fans of dance music or pop music or anything along those lines. The only music we played at our wedding was classic rock, some down and dirty bluegrass and folk. Let’s face it, get people drunk enough and they will dance to Mozart!


I’m a pretty laid back person, I rarely wear make up and most my life is spent in jeans and a t-shirt with my hair in a messy bun. Our wedding was probably the first time my husband has ever seen me dressed up. The look of disbelief on his face made my day, and I’m sure the way I looked blew him away.


How fab is Felicia and Seth’s outdoor ceremony? Thank you to them both and to Andrew of Unforgettable Moments for sharing with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to leave them some love!

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Photography – Unforgettable Expressions
Venue – Mathwig Event Barn, Maryland
Felicia’s Dress – Galina
Seth’s Suit – BLACK by Vera Wang
Flowers – Flowers By Dene
Cake – Sweet & Savory, Frederick MD
Hair & Make up – Hair by Carla Jeffries and Make-up by Felicia
Catering – We had delicious BBQ at the wedding that was by Carterque in Mt. Airy MD

4 responses to “An Outdoor DIY Lace and Vintage Barn Wedding – Felicia & Seth

  1. Elizabeth Gruben (Robert Easton's mother)

    What a beautiful ceremony and gorgeous bride and groom. Obviously perfect for each other. Great venue and amazing photographer! Best wishes!

  2. Lovely wedding. Images full of character and it looked like such a fun day! Oh and the ink is outstanding!

  3. What a wonderful groups of happy people!
    The venue and decorations look fabulous.Would have liked to see even more of the layout.

  4. Wow, I am LOVING the cowboy boots on the bride. So cool! And the overall styling for the wedding is awesome. 😀