A Low Key San Francisco City Hall Wedding – Dawn & Jason


Dawn and Jason had a low key wedding at San Francisco’s city hall, followed by a reception at Kingfish Restaurant and drinks at Lucky 13 with photography by Bri McDaniel.


We met the old fashioned way… Online. We were 95% matched. The site has the option to rate people, which generates an email saying one of these people just rated you. I remember thinking, “I hope it’s the hot one.” He emailed once I rated him back. Dripping with romance, I know! We started exchanging texts, had a bit of a hiccup and met a month later. Our first date was a Jim Breuer show. 


The low key aspect of our wedding definitely represented us well. We wanted it simple, yet fun. Private City Hall ceremony, lunch with our family followed by a celebration at our favourite bar for all our friends. The best was hearing, “Best wedding I’ve ever been to” by multiple people. It was a long day but we were able to incorporate all the aspects we wanted while still not breaking the bank. 


Our wedding was mostly all DIY. The ceremony, the decor at our reception and all the flowers were done by us. Doing the flowers with my husband was the most fun. He really took it seriously and was getting better at it than I was. 

There were so many highlights, the most memorable being my Father’s speech at the reception. He was very nervous and talked painfully slow but what he wrote was so heartfelt. He brought tears to both of us and was also very funny. He even brought up a memory of me as a child I didn’t remember which held so true to my personality as adult. Definitely made those of the crowd that knew me well laugh. 


I knew I wanted a sleeveless dress from the start to show off my tattoos. My dress ended up being something I didn’t expect and wouldn’t have picked out myself. I only really tried it on as a joke. My cousin helped me try on dresses and said, “You only smile in that one” and that decided it. We call it the November Rain. 


We spent our honeymoon in Belize and then Austin. We got tattooed while we were in Austin before returning home. It was a combination of the OkCupid logo with a traditional style tropical scene within the logo itself. We tried to combine where we met with where we spent our honeymoon in Belize. We also have matching R2D2 Lucky Kitty tattoos and sky diving stick figures as we usually spend our anniversaries sky diving. 


How awesome is Dawn & Jason’s city wedding? I love how everything was low key and that they celebrated in the evening in a bar. Thank you to them both and to Bri McDaniel Photography for sharing their day with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to leave them some love.

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Photographer: Bri McDaniel Photography
Marriage ceremony took place at: San Francisco City Hall
Wedding reception took place at: Kingfish restaurant, San Mateo
Groom suit/attire: Vera Wang
Maid of Honor:  Tahari dress
Best Man: Calvin Klein
Hair & Make up: Hair – Robert Petsche, Makeup – Kristena Hayes
Cake: Crème Brûlée
Any other businesses involved? Lucky 13, San Francisco and DJ Scotty Fox

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  1. Lovely collection of images. Love the brides tattoos too!!!