Tattoo Tuesday – 9th September 2014

I’m back in the UK! YEA!! I’d love to be sunning it up still but unfortunately I’ve had to come home. 

I love anatomical tattoos (I have one myself), especially of hearts. I came across this epic spark plug heart from Rich Wells of Dock Street Tattoos in Leeds on Instagram this week and I just had to share it with you!


Be sure to go and check out more of Rich’s work at @richwellstattoos on Instagram and check out Dock Street Tattoos on Facebook!

One response to “Tattoo Tuesday – 9th September 2014

  1. Ooh this tattoo really caught my eye, least of all because I’ve just got my first tattoo and I went for an anatomical heart too! Would love to see more anatomical heart tattoos – yours as well! 🙂