A Small, Down To Earth Wedding In Germany – Anita & Steve


Wow, this couple have surely sparked your interest on Facebook this week! Anita sent me over her wonderful wedding photos from Steffen Beck Photographie just before I went on holiday and I’ve been itching to get it up and show you! It looked like such a fun day!


The story how we met and started dating is something I really like to tell. I had a phase when I really hated men, because of being single for ages and being heartbroken many many times. One Friday night, me and my friends met at my place and we planned to go to Speyer (which is 50 km away from the city where I lived) to eat burgers at a really nice american diner, Flaming Star, and meet with a friend there and go out afterwards to a metal club. 

The very cool part about our story is the moment we saw each other for the first time. Later we went to this diner, I climbed up the stairs, and then there he was. It was really like in a movie. I saw him and went “Booom”. He was there with the friends we wanted to met with.


He told me afterwards, he was sitting there with his boys and told them that he had broke up with his evil girlfriend and wanted to be free and single now.. Then he looked over to the stairs and there were a few girls coming up them and there was this girl with a red hair band (guess who?) and then said “she’s mine”.

I always thought it wasn’t true and he told me that, because I am his girlfriend, but his friends told me once how he reacted when he saw me the first time. One wedding card even said “When Steve saw you the first time, he said “She’s mine” and now you are!”


Steve and I are totally mad about comics, so one of our friends surprised us with a Superhero Wedding Cake. Unfortunately, it wasn’t our “official cake” and she gave it to us at the pub. We were both wearing comic underwear and I even had a batman wedding band.

We really had a simple wedding. I am not the typical woman when it comes to decorations or flowers, so my focus wasn’t on decorating. It was more important for us to have great food! We had little Grooms and Brides packages in which we put customized M&Ms with our photo and names on. I think the most fun part on planning was that we didn’t have to plan that much! For us, it was all about being married and not getting married. 


I knew from the beginning that I want a different dress. I didn’t want the typical, strapless/A-Line/Princess thing. Not that I don’t like it – I love it, but it wasn’t me. I wanted to be beautiful, but different. When I saw my dress, I just knew it was  perfect. Of course, I wanted the style of the dress to match with my tattoos, but as I am not the girly, girly type, it was easy for me. The nearer the wedding got, the more I disliked the dress. I thought it was not pretty enough, I would be pretty enough, thought that the people would expect something else. I am so glad I didn’t buy a new dress. On our wedding day when I put it on, I realised again, it was MY dress. 


“It was just like us”

The wedding was exactly as we wanted it to be. It was small, it was down-to-earth, it was fun, it was familiar.


How awesome are Anita and Steve? Anita also told me how Steve’s class (He’s a kindergarten teacher) were waiting for them outside the church with a song and a few poems prepared for them both! Be sure to leave them both and Steffen Beck Photographie some love!

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  1. What a pair of cuties! Great stuff. x