A Classic Purple Wedding With A Gorgeous Elephant Tattoo – Katy & Gary


Today I get to share with you the classic church, ivory and purple (which is Gary’s favourite colour) wedding followed by a reception at a bar in Southampton with photography from Doublefrisson Photography and DJ Services.


Me and Gary were talking via an online dating site. We were speaking non stop throughout the day and late at night for two days before meeting at his tattoo studio for the first time. We just clicked with each other, it was all so easy, there was never any struggle to think of things to talk about and we made each other laugh a lot. It felt right for us to meet up. We were inseparable from day 1, we just fit. 


“There was no awkwardness like we had both experienced in previous relationships, it felt like we had always known each other.”

After only six months, Gary proposed to me at the end of a nice evening out together. There was no hesitation or doubt in my head. Our families and close friends weren’t surprised by our quick engagement, we are always told how natural we are together and everyone can see the love we have for each other. New people that we meet always assume that we have been together for years! I also have two children from a previous relationship and they took to Gary as quickly as I did, as Gary did to them too. Everything worked out perfectly. Ten months after Gary proposed, was our wedding. 

We each put input into how the day was going to be. Our theme was a bit vintage with butterflies. We worked as a team, so I guess that is what represented us as a couple. We have had a lot to deal with in the time we have been together. Me and Gary have done everything together, standing by each other and Gary has kept me strong. It was so nice for us, our children and our families to all be together to celebrate our love for each other and that everything had finally come together.
When searching for my dress, I knew I wanted a sleeveless dress so that I was able to show my elephant tattoo. I knew that most of them would be covered as I wanted a long dress, but I love my elephant tattoo, it is so detailed and beautifully done, by Gary himself. It was also Gary’s idea to do it as he knew that elephants are my favourite animal.
I think the highlight of our day was finally seeing each other in the church, Gary was so curious for months about my dress and what I was going to look like. It was hard for us to have a night apart, we never do!

“It was so nice for us to be there together, finally doing what we really wanted and becoming husband and wife. We are so happy.”

How awesome are Katy and Gary? Thank you to them both for sharing their wedding with Marry Me Ink today! Be sure to leave them and Doublefrisson Photography and DJ Services some love!
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