The Prangsta Hen Party

MMI_2730Photography credit: Foto Noir

Fancy something fun for your hen do ladies? I’m excited to introduce to you the wonderful Prangsta who for this feature have teamed up with photobooth company Foto Noir, which is basically the best treasure cove for glamorous fancy dress!  

“Allow us to treat you to a day of carnivalesque glamour like no other. We invite you and your hens to enjoy an afternoon of transformation and sparkle. Amidst the flowing fizz and frolics, our teams of stylists are on hand to transform every hen into their most decadent & otherworldly self. With costume and headpieces from beyond your wildest dreams, Prangsta will bring out your inner showgirls, carnival queens, burlesque darlings and much more.!”


Amidst the downtown boho glamour of New Cross in South London, many fashion mavens keen to embrace the trend for vintage up-cycling have discovered the cult of Prangsta Costumiers. Prangsta Costumiers is south London’s best fashion kept secret and offers much, much more than your average costume hire shop.


Prangsta’s lead protagonist Melanie Wilson is in the business of supplying some of London’s best dressed festival & party peeps with lavish & opulent costumes for hire or to buy. Over the past 10 years many celebrities, fashion icons, DJ’s, hip-hop moguls, festival promoters & members of the royal family have passed through the door of Prangsta Costumiers. If you’re lucky enough to meet Melanie or her team of amazing & magical seamstresses & stylists they may even be willing to tell you, which costumes’ won a prize for a Hollywood A list couple or point out the hat recently made for a prince of the realm……


“The Prangsta Costume Emporium in New Cross is effectively a giant sized dressing up box or imaginarium stuffed to the rafters with over 10 years of discerning treasure hunting & hoarding by Melanie & her merry crew of Prangstas’.”


We work with each and every hen party to create a bespoke experience so please do not hesitate to contact us with specific requests. The do generally run between 4 & 5 hours depending on size of group.


Prices start at £100 per head for the hen party package, and then you can tailor make your package depending on if you require any hair, makeup or photography services. Tea, cakes and fizz are available for your party too! Or you can even book the photobooth to hire for your wedding from £720.

All images from the photography package will be available in an online gallery and also are available in prints afterwards. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact for more information!


Once you’ve been to Prangsta life will never quite be the same again. After all dressing up within the Prangsta-verse is not **just** a pastime, it’s a necessary pleasure. Prangsta believe dressing up is an exciting excursion into the furthest reaches of our imaginations, often left unexplored since we were very, very young. Now I want to go and dress up!

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