A Thorncrown Chapel Wedding – Sarah & Jason


Today I get to share with you Sarah and Jason’s gorgeous wedding from Cottonwood Studios that took place at Thorncrown Chapel in Arkansas followed by a reception at Devito’s Italian Restaurant. Their first date is the best ever.. Just a warning – Their kids are just the cutest!


We both met at work. I was recently divorced and thought that he was cute, so naturally I completely avoided him. Once I found out that he was also a single parent, I  made it a point to start conversations. Eventually, I asked Jason if he wanted to have a Harry Potter movie night. This question came in a Facebook message, about 10 minutes after we had been speaking in person. A very mature move that I’m still pretty proud of. The next day, we had that movie night and have barely been apart since. 


We wanted to build our own bouquets with the wild flowers that we could find around the area. The morning of the wedding, we went to breakfast and then drove on country roads, cutting flowers from fields and roadsides. Our goal was to find as many irises as we could, and we thought that we had in one particular ditch. After a few minutes, an old guy named Steve came from his house across the street to see what we were doing. BUSTED. When we told him, he told us to go into his yard and take all of the irises that we needed, because he just mows them down. Later in the day, after our weeding party arrived, all of the bridesmaids helped to build the bouquets together. Thanks, Steve.


In our ceremony, right after we shared our vows, our children came up and did their own sibling vows. Penelope gave Jude a hat that said “Big Brother”, and Jude gave Penelope a “Little Sister” necklace. We were excited to have them join in on the ceremony to fully unite our little family. 


Seriously – what a cute little family! Thank you to both Sarah and Jason for sharing their day with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to leave them both and Cottonwood Studios some love!

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