A Two Day, Tattoo Session Wedding – Noémie & Christian


Today I get to share with you the awesome two day wedding of Noémie & Christian – Including the day where they and their witnesses got inked! 


We had everything during our wedding, with only one way to represent us both: class but with a touch of madness.

We met eachother by the magical way of internet! We were both on a forum about french mastif dogs, looking for advice. We found ourselves speaking together, more and more often. But we lived over 500km away from each other! For us, the funniest thing about our first meet up, is that each other was not really what we thought of each other. My husband was not really well dress, and for my hubby I was looked like a really young girl who was taller than him. So at the first sight, we thought nothing was going to happen between us .

One thing that is very strange, is that our dogs fell in love with each other before we did ourselves. When I came back to my house, my dog didn’t want to eat, and the Christian’s dog was sulking for mine.


The highlight of our wedding day, was the way we “lived” our wedding our way – just great fun having a good day with our family and our friends.


I had my weeding dress in my head , and I asked my mother to make it for me. The only thing about my tattoo was that matched my dress was some black lace.

On the Monday, we and our witnesses spent our afternoon getting tattooed. The only way to every tattoo was: thinking about the other (the loved one) and every one made their own interpretation to their tattoo. 

The one of my hubby is a sacred heart, but not in the religious way, but because when we meet, I always say an expression but in the wrong way. Instead of saying “You reach me the pole” ( I don’t know if this expression makes any sense in English) I was saying “You reach me the torch”. And so I am is heart , he is my torch to it. Mine a tree and under it I wanted a Celtic symbol which makes me think about what is foundation of love.


Thank you to both Noémie & Christian for sharing their two day wedding with Marry Me Ink. Thank you to Noémie (Noémie Lefevre Photography) for sharing her own photography from the tattoo session and to Amandine Ropars Photography and Alexandra Le Duc for images of their wedding day. Be sure to leave them all some love!

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  1. Great great great , this is it …
    this is well told about our weeding …
    thkx , you juste make us falling some tears .
    Noëmie et Christian