A Downtown City Hall Wedding With A Bride In A Jumpsuit – Tara & Rob


Today I get to share with you this Ottawa, Ontario simplistic wedding of Tara and Rob from Chantal Benoit Photography. Their wedding day was kept simple and small by having their children witness their marriage along at their city hall with a small selection of friends and family.


We met at my workplace – I cut his hair and we always enjoyed chatting. We were familiar with each other from another place, but it was really during these haircuts that we connected.


Originally, we were going to do the big wedding with lots of guests. It started to get a little overwhelming and we realized that it didn’t represent us. We decided to change the date and get married at City Hall with only a handful of people present. It was perfect.


My tattoos are simply a part of who I am. I gave no thought of them when looking for my dress. It would be impossible to narrow down my favourite parts of our day to one thing. The day was perfect and I loved everything about it. The biggest highlight: I GOT MARRIED!


How gorgeous does tattooed bride Tara look in her jumpsuit? I absolutely adore it! Thank you to Tara and Rob and to their photographer Chantal Benoit for sharing their wedding with Marry Me Ink today!

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