Love Letters – A Haunting In The Misty Woods


Today I get to share with you this gorgeous post wedding shoot from Luna Photography of Beth of Bete Noir Jewellery and hubby Drew. I had chance to catch up with Emma of Luna Photography about Beth and Drew’s shoot.


Knowing that Beth and Drew were new to the area and how lonely it can be at times being self employed, I made sure that Beth knew I was available for coffee any time.


Fast forward two years later and Beth and Drew are telling my husband and I that they are getting married in Barbados. For them, it was perfect, no stresses or expectations from guests or being in the spotlight. So while we were upset that we couldn’t be there, we knew that it was what they wanted.


I started to formulate a plan, as I couldn’t be there with them, I would give them the best wedding photos that reflect their personality. When I went with Beth to her dress fitting at BooBoo Kitty Couture I got an instant Stevie Nicks vibe and things started to click in my head. Beth and Drew live on the edge of the Forest of Dean and it’s so beautiful there, both of them love witchcraft imagery so it just felt natural to centre the shoot there. So the the American Horror Story: Coven theme developed and from there everything fit into place.


Beth hates having her photograph taken so I wanted her to be as relaxed as possible, no forced smiles or embarrassing posing. We grabbed props from their house (including a cauldron, a bone and a book on satanism!) and all trooped to the forest, Drew leading the way to all of his favourite spots.


The shoot flowed wonderfully, with creative input from all directions. We made symbols with sticks and set a fire in the cauldron, needless to say we got some funny looks from dog walkers! We left the symbols in the forest for a laugh, wondering if there would be reports of witchcraft in the local news…


The post production was to reflect the feel of the shoot, dark and moody. Beth and Drew love their images and I’m just happy to have been able to shoot them, to capture their personality and love.


How cool is Beth and Drew’s post wedding shoot? I love it. Thank you to them both and Luna Photography for sharing it with Marry Me Ink! Be sure to leave them some love!

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