Love Letters – A Fun & Feathery Morning


Today on Marry Me Ink – I thought I’d show you this fun love session from Mya Photography. Morgan and Felix look super cute together and I love that they had a pillow fight – What a fun love session!


I managed to organize a  pillow fight  with Morgan & Felix and it was amazing. In the same time, I got to photograph an intimate moment and a fun moment between them both.


Morgan and Felix were a little bit shy at the beginning, but the pillow fight gave everybody the chance to relax.


It was a great moment for me because they let me enter their world as a couple to capture and immortalize their complicity. I love the colours of this shoot, their tattoos and their energy.


Just a word of advice if you want try the same kind of love session: Feathers make A LOT of mess – You need around 30 minutes for cleaning afterwards!


How beautiful do Morgan and Felix look? The lighting is gorgeous and their pillow fight looks like so much fun! Thank you to them both and to Mya Photography for sharing their tattooed love session with Marry Me Ink!

MMI_3146 MMI_3147 MMI_3152 MMI_3151 MMI_3155 MMI_3156 MMI_3157 MMI_3158 MMI_3161 MMI_3162 MMI_3163 MMI_3164 MMI_3165 MMI_3166 MMI_3171 MMI_3173 MMI_3174 MMI_3175 MMI_3176 MMI_3177 MMI_3182 MMI_3183 MMI_3185 MMI_3187 MMI_3190 MMI_3191 MMI_3192 MMI_3193 MMI_3189

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  1. absolutely love these images!!! So different and brilliantly captured!