A Backyard Wedding In Fontana – Corrina & Brian


Today I get to share with you gorgeous grey haired and tattooed bride Corrina and her military groom Brian and their backyard wedding day from Valerie Ronin Photography. Corrina has a gorgeous 50s vibe to her hair and I think she looks absolutely stunning! Also – How great does Brian look in his uniform? Their day was filled with thrift store teacups, mason jars, DIY wedding favours and gorgeous cake!


Brian and I met through his sister at a party in 2007 where he was on leave from his army duties. Well that night Brian decided to dump nachos on my head in the middle of a conversation me and his sister were having.. WHY?!! I have no idea, nor does he or anyone at the party. I was super angry but after 2 minutes we all laughed and continued to party. After that night, we all became close friends through the years.


In 2013, I needed a plus one to my friends’ wedding so I asked Brian to be my plus one and he said yes. We just started hanging out a lot more and texting on a daily basis (lots of flirting) and  July 4th at a pool  party, and pretty wasted on fireball whiskey, (that’s our “drink”) we kissed and now are married. So 7 years of friendship, 1 year of us and many more to come. I really honestly married one of my best friends!!! 


What was the highlight of your wedding day?
I asked Brian this question and he answered it with “seeing my beautiful wife walking up the aisle” I would also say our first dance was also a highlight we danced to Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler.


Most of the wedding represented us, but I made these mason jars with cut up green apples and filled them up with fireball whiskey – that totally said us. Also our cake topper was the best. My nick name for Brian is buffalo and our cake toppers were two buffalo! 


I had a lot of DIY!!!  From the center pieces to my sign in canvas.  I had the most fun making our tea cup favors  from going to 20 or more thrift stores looking for vintage style tea cups to each having its own style and color of flowers and plate. Not one was the same. 


I love the colours of the flowers and centrepieces in Corrina and Brian’s wedding. Thank you to them both and to the wonderful Valerie Ronin Photography for sharing with Marry Me Ink today.

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  1. These two are so sweet! It truly looks like they have done their wedding ‘their way’. Thanks for sharing. Mx