A DIY, Bohemian Celebration Of Love – Roxie & Paul


Today I get to share with you this gorgeous intimate Manchester wedding with a bohemian vibe from Icon Photography Studios. Roxie and Paul did everything themselves – Invitations, flowers, decorations and dress alterations! 


I actually met Paul through Facebook four years ago! It sounds ridiculous but we had friends in common and I friend requested Paul as I knew he was a photographer and had worked with a lot of my friends who were models. I had seen pictures of him on Facebook at a burlesque event he had attended and he was wearing a pinstripe suit, he caught my eye straight away. I then sat up all night looking at all his photography images on Facebook and liking them. Which lead to Paul waking up the next morning to over fifty likes on Facebook, which definitely got his attention! I just didn’t know he had already been through my pictures and I already had his attention!


We then started talking via inbox, which turned to texting then meeting up for our first date! We went out to an alternative student night in Manchester that involved lots of cider, laughing a lot and at the end of the night kissing up against the wall outside like teenagers! I knew I felt a special connection that night but I didn’t want to rush things so we arranged to meet the day after and we have not been apart since! We are truly best friends.


The highlight of our wedding was when we were stood at the top of the aisle and Paul put my wedding ring on my finger and kissed my hand. My heart melted and I started to cry, I felt so warm and happy. I don’t do cheesy romantic film moments but that was it! I will never forget that moment!


When planning the wedding together we knew one thing when we started, we wanted it to be a celebration. A celebration of love, a representation of us. We know how lucky we both are to find somebody that you want to be with for the rest of your life. To love, to laugh with and most of all go through life with. The day was intimate, filled with laughter and people that we love surrounded us.  A true representation of what we truly cherish in life as a couple.


The whole wedding was DIY! We did everything ourselves from designing the invitations, making decorations, making flowers and dress alterations!  The best part of this for me was making the bridal bouquet and head dress, I really struggled to find exactly what I wanted when it came to colour and the fact I wanted wild flowers. So I made it, which led to me making all the bridesmaids flowers, headbands and matching shoes! I also made the groomsmen’s buttonholes to match. I got exactly what I had envisioned and it truly reflected me!


When searching the thousands of dresses online and in magazines I knew what I wanted wasn’t out there, anymore. I knew I wanted long sleeves, not necessarily to hide my tattoos but it was just the style I wanted. I wanted a bohemian, hippy and almost 1970s inspired dress. As you can probably imagine this was pretty hard to find. So my tattoos didn’t really come into it. We are bikers and tattoos are part of us, so were inevitably going to be part of our day.


How breathtaking does tattooed bride Roxie look? I also love Paul’s suit. Their Cheshire Cat Cake Company cake – make sure you look through the rest of their wedding day to see it! Thank you to both Roxie and Paul and Icon Photography Studios for sharing their wedding day with Marry Me Ink today!

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2 responses to “A DIY, Bohemian Celebration Of Love – Roxie & Paul

  1. Thanks for the feature guys … 🙂 x

  2. I want to thank you for this! We are both as a couple over the moon that you would even want to feature our day! You don’t need a lot of money to have your perfect day, All you need is love!!