A Peacock Coloured, Norman Santa Fe Depot Wedding – Dawn & Brent


I love how totally unique today’s tattooed bride and groom are! Dawn and Brent’s wedding took place at the Norman Santa Fe Depot – not only a railway station, but a gallery, concert venue and a beautiful space. I got the chance to speak to photographer Robyn Icks about Dawn and Brent’s wedding day..


Dawn and Brent’s wedding had tons of wonderful elements that I just adore: authentic souls, lovely nature, springtime, family, love, tears, purples and blues, peacock feathers, tattoos and piercings galore, guitars, trains and an extremely charming location.


For an April wedding, I have to say the weather actually pleasantly surprised me. It was, hands-down, the best weather I’ve ever experienced at a wedding. It stayed about 70degrees and slightly overcast the whole day, which equals a photographer’s dream.


And speaking of a photographer’s dream, The Santa Fe Historical Depot in Norman is an absolutely lovely and stellar location for a wedding venue!  I love the historic ambiance and all of the local art featured inside. Definitely recommended for your venue.


The love Dawn and Brent have for each other, and the love that filled the air from all of their family members and friends, was just over flowing.  There were many happy tears shed, and laughter abounded.


Oh, and one story I have to tell was about the flower girl.. She was super stoked and was enthusiastically dropping the flower petals like a proper flower girl should, but when she got about a fourth way down the aisle runner she realized her basket was empty. So she gave me a look of “Whaaaaa?”, then gave her Dad a “What do I do look?” look, then decided to finish walking down the aisle pretending to toss the petals the rest of the way. It was so adorable and hysterical!


How awesome does Dawn and Brent’s wedding look? I love the turquoise and purple throughout the wedding and my favourite pictures are the ones where they’re by the station lines. Thank you to Dawn, Brent and Robyn Icks Photography for sharing their tattooed, peacock wedding with Marry Me Ink today!

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