An Engagement Party That Turned Into A Surprise Wedding – Kristina & John


Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you tattooed bride Kristina and husband John’s surprise wedding from Olivia Christina Photography complete with their pug Stanley in a bow tie!


John and I met on OK Cupid! He kept looking at my profile and I kept wondering why he wasn’t messaging me. So I messaged him! “I think we’d get along” was my crazy pick up line. We met at a bar on a Monday, and that Friday we went away together. I don’t think we’ve been apart since.


First off, our wedding was an engagement party turned surprise wedding! We had been engaged for a year with no plans of sending out save the dates, a “surprise” wasn’t really that surprising to our guests. We are both very hands on and creative people (both of us are hairstylists), so being able to do so much of the wedding decorations ourselves was very representative of us as a couple as well. Something really special for us was having our pug, Stanley there. We are obsessed with him so it only seemed right to have him with us, bowtie and all! All the details truly reflected us and our style from the Photo Booth with silly props, to my short dress, to the mason jar, to the succulents at every turn, to the Stanley Cup grooms cake. Not wanting a “traditional” ceremony or reception was important to us. I got to cut my wedding cake in a leather jacket! We got to be surrounded by friends and family, eat great food, drink great whiskey, take silly pictures, and hang out by a bonfire – it was everything we wanted.


We had a very casual wedding and did most of it ourselves with the help of our family and friends. Seeing everything come together so perfectly (despite the rain) as a result of all the time and love of these people was really something words can’t describe. We also got married in the backyard of my childhood home which was something so special for me. Aside from my cousin (who is such an important person to me) marrying us, the highlight truly was seeing all of the people who flew in or moved their calendars around for our wedding. Knowing these people took time out of their busy schedules to be there to celebrate with us is just so incredible! We have amazing families and friends.


We made everything from the table vignettes to the chalk board decorations. My mother, her boyfriend and aunts hunted at flea markets to find the perfect glassware and decorative touches, they baked deserts, they draped fabrics and tied bows, they set tables, and arranged flowers. They were amazing. My father, his girlfriend and my brother landscaped and built a bar and arbor using birch tree branches from the lake we vacation at with our entire family every summer. My best friend and “man”-of-honor gave up so much of his time to help me move car loads of decorations. Him and other friends were there to help set up, make signs, move decorations, and of course finish the keg while taking down the wedding! There were so many little touches that just made everything so memorable for us.


Having my tattoos covered wasn’t really a thought to me. I happened to see this dress and thought it was perfect for me. John ended up wearing long sleeves and not rolling them up, or else you’d be able to see his tattoos in the photos as well! We have a few matching tattoos. We have Stanley Cup’s because we are both die hard hockey fans, crossed arrows because they are a symbol of friendship, and after we got married we got each others initial on our ring fingers.


Your tattoos are a reflection of who you are, and so is your wedding. Your pictures will all the more beautiful for it. Get a great photographer, ours was incredible and captured the energy of us and our wedding amazingly. And don’t forget to enjoy your day! It’s over before you know it, so let the little things go and just remember you are marrying your best friend! Our wedding day was everything WE wanted it to be. A beautiful celebration of our love and commitment surrounded by everyone who loves us, and whiskey!


How amazing is Kirsten & John’s small garden wedding? I love all the DIY involved with this including the altar and decorated dressing table! Their pug Stanley is just the cutest! Thank you to them both and to Olivia Christina Photography for sharing their wedding with Marry Me Ink today!

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