An Intimate Edinburgh Wedding – Louise & Ian


Tattooed bride Louise and her husband Ian were married in an intimate wedding at The Bonham Hotel in Edinburgh with photography from Nadin Dunnigan Photography. Louise wore a gorgeous Phase Eight dress (You can see more Phase Eight wedding dresses here in a previous post) that showed a lot of her tattoos. 


Our courtship was almost like a modern-day ‘When Harry Met Sally’; we were introduced by a mutual friend and it took us ages to get together… At first I didn’t like him much (sorry Ian!) as I thought he was such a show-off, but gradually we became friends and it became the most important relationship in both of our lives. 


The highlight of our wedding was when I saw Ian for the first time in the ceremony room, looking so handsome in his suit and a little nervous.. I was *busting* to actually be married to him by then…! (Also discovering I could walk just fine for the wedding photos in my 6” Louboutin heels)


Edinburgh was a really significant place for us to get married as it was the first place we ever went away as a couple, we always think of it as the place that cemented our relationship. We wanted a really intimate wedding, that we could just enjoy together, and it was perfect. 

We’d also written letters for each other, which we read after the ceremony, we both cried the whole way through reading them!


I have an almost full body suit so it’s quite hard to hide my tattoos… I really wanted a dress that had a vintage feel to it, so it would compliment our style and my engagement/wedding rings. As soon as I tried it on a lace dress at Phase Eight I knew it would look perfect, but it happened to be sleeveless with a dipped square back, so I ended up showing quite a lot of the top part of my tattooing. I also designed by my engagement & wedding ring with our jeweller at Savvy & Sand in Hatton Garden – I love how completely unique they are.


We felt like it was biggest small wedding we could have wanted, there was so much feeling and joy to it.. And it looked fabulous, such a glamorous feel! 

I’d say my advice would be the same to any couple planning their wedding, tattooed or not, make sure your day is completely about you, and make sure you don’t get so caught up in the planning of it that you forget to have fun on the day! 


How gorgeous are Louise and Ian?! Thank you to them both and to Nadin Dunnigan Photography for sharing with Marry Me Ink today!

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  2. This is beautiful! What a cool looking couple.

  3. Love her dress and fur coat… my hometown, love it!