A Coastal Wedding In Florida – Sarah & Ben


Today I get you share with the gorgeous wedding of tattooed bride Sarah and husband Ben from Orlando wedding photographer Gian Carlo Photography. Sarah is probably on of the most heavily tattooed brides I’ve had the chance to feature on Marry Me Ink, and she looks absolutely gorgeous!


We actually met on match.com. I had made my profile, forgot about it..never paid. One day I decided to log on and pay for a month (what’s the worst that could happen?). I then went to lunch, came back and had an email from Ben (my now husband). We met 3 days later, deleted our accounts and were stuck to each other like glue. We both had dreams about each other before we ever met…! It was fate. 


We are not traditional people, so we didn’t want a bouquet  or garter toss. We had a cake and the toppers were our 4 dogs, Lucy, Lola, Maggie and Charles. It was just a laid back night of music, food and friends. We also had our Bulldog Lucy be the ring bearer.

Almost every single thing was made by loving hands. My mother made the most amazing bouquet out of old brooches and pins. She searched for a year and also had family and friends donate them. I tear up just thinking about it. All the center pieces were made of photos, old cameras, antiques and found items. Instead of a guestbook, I put out scrapbook paper, stickers, markers and tape so people could make small pieces of art for us. I then put them into the scrapbook and have it displayed in our home. Everything had a personal touch, something I’m very proud of. 


I knew that I couldn’t wear a strapless dress (due to my chest size) so I wanted a dress that fit my liking but also showcased my art. They dress I found perfectly framed my back piece and the shoulder caps of lace made my sleeves just pop. 


We had so many highlights of our day, but I think it was just seeing all of our close friends in an intimate room all dressed up in the props and costumes we had laid out. They were intended for the photobooth but people were wearing them throughout the entire evening! OH! and the Frank Sinatra impersonator we had performing.


Just let yourself, your art and your love for each other shine through in your planning when you’re planning your own wedding. This is all about ya’lls love and commitment! No rules, just have fun!


How gorgeous is Sarah’s dress?! Thank you both Sarah and Ben for sharing their Florida wedding with Marry Me Ink today and to Gian Carlo Photography for the wonderful photography.

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8 responses to “A Coastal Wedding In Florida – Sarah & Ben

  1. Thank you so much Rachael for sharing these. I am so honor to be a part of your awesome blog.

  2. Kelly Romano

    These photos are absolutely stunning. I do not know the couple, however, these photos make me wish I did. There is so much character, emotional connection and beautiful composition – if I were Ben or Sarah, I would be thrilled to have these moments captured for a lifetime. Gian Carlo – you are a very talented photographer.

    Congrats to Sarah and Ben!

  3. Sharon Villabona

    Beautiful! Your photographs capture so much life and character!

  4. You can really feel all the emotions of their special day and night in these photos! To me that’s the most important gift a photographer can give a couple. Looking at these photographs can help them relive the night over and over again.

  5. Beautiful work. I love this.

  6. These photos definitely shows the beauty and personality of the Couple. Awesome!

  7. Oh yes!!!! these are superb!!! A great mixture of images brilliantly shot!

  8. Lovely set of images, especially like the mono shots of the bride. 🙂