Hitting The High Street For Your Wedding Dress – MANGO

After looking at wedding dresses from both Phase Eight and Coast, today I’m bringing you the dress collection from Mango. I love Mango, one of my favourite coats is from there. They have a wonderful collection of glittering and blush dresses perfect for your wedding, I can’t wait to show you the collections!

MNG1 MMI_4031

Julieta Sequined Dress £119.99
Nouvelle Sequined Dress £169.99
Amina Sequin Applique Dress £89.99
Luna Lace Panel Dress £119.99


Pamela Bow Long Dress £99.99
Cruz Draped Gown £79.99
Letta Necklace Wrapped Gown £89.99
Gardenia Chain Halter Gown £99.99


Plisa Long Pleated Dress £129.99
Lace Crochet Top Gown £129.99 £89.99

Aren’t these Mango dresses gorgeous? A lot of these are online exclusives so make sure you order yours soon! My favourite is the Plisa long pleated dress. Which is your favourite?

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