A Tattooed Fairytale Wedding In Kent – Katie & Warren

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Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share tattooed bride and groom Katie and Warren’s Preston Court wedding from Rob Grimes Photography. I think Katie makes a gorgeous tattooed Jenny Packham bride too!

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Warren & I met at a bar in Liverpool. We both believe everything happens for a reason and boy – are we glad we made it out that night… Warren was still in the army at the time and wasn’t supposed to be on leave that weekend, it was only at the last minute on the Friday he was told he could go home. And I had had a mad busy week at work and was in no mood for a night out, only going as it was for a friends birthday. Nearly 10years later we’re both still so thankful for that particular weekend leave & birthday night out!!

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We chose to do a lot of things ourselves, out of enjoyment, to help keep me calm knowing everything would be exactly how I/we wanted it and it also made everything more personal for us. The day before the wedding, Warren and I had done all the floral centrepieces and made the buttonholes for our guests. The night before the wedding, my sister & I made our bouquets and my headpiece. This was my something old & borrowed from my auntie as I used my late Nanas pearl necklace sewed to two hairslides. We also done all our own decorations in both barns. In the weeks leading up to the wedding we had everyone saving us their old glass jars for the flowers, which my mum helped me decorate with burlap (I am now sick of burlap haha) and lace to fit in with the rusticness of the venue. 

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Warren surprised me with an amazing string trio who played me down the “aisle” and I left it to him to choose our first dance some which he done soo well! But no it is impossible to name just one highlight as the whole day was truly magical!!

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To be honest I didn’t give my tattoos a second thought when searching for my dress, meaning I’d never have purposely covered them up just because I’m in my wedding dress. Plus looking back at our fabulous photos I think they look rather awesome with my dress, if I do say so myself!

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Our advice to other cpuples is to try not to stress too much when planning the wedding.. Easier said than done I know, but honestly, come the day you won’t have a care in the world. It’s all a blissful blur! On the day try and make some time for just the two of you, you’ll need and appreciate it. And most of all enjoy it, the day goes by far too quickly.

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As for your tattoos, DON’T LET ANYONE tell you you need to cover them up, ‘what about the photos’ etc etc. No one told us this but I know it happens. Sorry but is it your day, No. Do we care if you don’t like our tattoos, No. Have we thought how our photos will look, err yep, badass that’s how!! Again just ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR SPECIAL DAY!!!

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Ahhh! How ace are Katie and Warren?! Thank you to them both and to Rob Grimes Photography for sharing their awesome day with Marry Me Ink!

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3 responses to “A Tattooed Fairytale Wedding In Kent – Katie & Warren

  1. Such an amazing couple and thank you for featuring their wedding. x

  2. These images ooze atmosphere and cool! Beautifully shot!

  3. Great photos! Love the vintage camper van and the old school typewriter – great touches that I am now looking to add into my wedding in September! The LOVE sign is pretty cool too.