Marry Me Ink Loves Kelly J Photography


Happy May! Today I get to introduce you to the totally awesome Kelly J Photography. Originally from the North West (Like Marry Me Ink!), Kelly is now based in Somerset.


I’m Kel, the crazy bird lady behind Kelly J Photography. I like to think my style is fun, laid back with crap load of personality. Down to earth, alternative couples are the best and I’m also great with people who are camera shy. Now based in Somerset but originally from the North West and travel all over the country and abroad for super awesome weddings.


I’m really inspired by all the different environments I’m in and try and include as much of that in my work as possible, I adore nature but I also love a good abandoned building. Other things that inspire me are music, films and the couples I am fortunate to work with.


I have tattoos myself – a chest piece, and a couple on my arms – all of birds, and realistic heart with demon wings on my hip. I’m obsessed with birds and Lynyrd Skynyrd, so I had my Free Bird tattoos done recently. The next piece I have planned is a huge portrait of James Stewart on my arm, inspired by the film Harvey.


My favourite bride is one who is comfortable being herself, is down to earth and owns who she is!


“The best weddings are when the couple just do whatever they want and have their personality injected into everything”


How beautiful is Kelly’s work? Be sure to go and follow her on Twitter and like the Kelly J Photography Facebook page and Instagram for sneak peeks! Make sure you contact her very soon to see if she still has your wedding date still available!

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