An Antique And 1920s Party, Full Of High Flying Fun – Ashley & Alyssa


Today’s wedding features two gorgeous tattooed brides Ashley and Alyssa. The day involved a helicopter entrance at the American Helicopter Museum, a bride in a tux and an amazing 1920s vibe, captured by the awesome BG Productions – an epic husband and wife team based in Philadelphia. Plus – What’s more awesome than pizza and donuts at a wedding?!


We went to different schools in the same neighborhood. We both noticed each other around town, but it wasn’t that hard to spot each other since neither of us shied away from bizarre and out of the ordinary styles. Eventually we were introduced by mutual friends. We dated for a few months but broke up after a misunderstanding and didn’t talk for about a year. Finally Ashley sent me a email saying she wanted to see me, she claims she couldn’t stay away any longer. Our first time seeing each other we went to Philadelphia for the 4th of July fireworks and she held me while we watched. We have been inseparable and completely in love since then. We see the fireworks every 4th of July since that first time Almost 9 years ago. Last year she proposed to me under the fireworks. It was really surreal.


Alyssa – I mean I came in on a helicopter and that probably should have been the highlight… But as soon as I got to the end of the isle and looked up to see my gorgeous wife waiting for me, the helicopter was quickly forgotten. I knew she said she was wearing a tux. But I didn’t have any idea what it was going to look like. Honestly I thought it was going to be frumpy. But it wasn’t she looked like such a rockstar. The rest of the day went really fast. But when I think back thats all I remember is her standing waiting for me.

Ashley – So this is kind of cliche but the truth is the walk down the isle is the first thing I think of every time the wedding comes into my head. I am never super impressed by wedding dresses, to me they are overpriced white dresses, but deep down, I knew that Alyssa was going to pull something spectacular out. We were never going for the traditional aspect in our wedding but one tradition I wanted to keep in tact was to not see my wife until she walked to me down the isle.  I wouldn’t change that image for anything in the world now. I have truly never seen her look so beautiful and I have never seen a wedding dress I have loved more. Her jewelry made her sparkle like a diamond and her eyes were so calm and almost crimson in color (I am not really sure how she pulled that off). I have never been so overwhelmed by her beauty. There may have been a tear or two..


“Everything about our wedding was unique to us. We didn’t put anything in because it was supposed to be there, we put it there because we love it.”

Our wedding was built on our lives together, animals decorations because we love the company of a good cats or dogs, black and white because everything looks better black and white, and antiques with a 1920s theme because of how much better the world was taken care of then. If only for a day we could create our perfect world.


The whole wedding just short of flying the helicopter was DIY. We started with hand typed and partially hand written letter invitation for all of our guest, with a custom linoleum carved stamp (carved by Ashley) made just for the seal. Ashley is a caterer so she understands the party planning aspect. From there we just went crazy! We set up a schedule, booked all of our deliveries/Staff and the helicopter, then started creating. We made our own  hor d’oeuvres, bought and cut our own fabrics, set the tables up ourselves, bought all our own dish ware and customized our signage,  we made a stencil and  stencilled our own pizza boxes, and painted a lot of decorations black. Lots and lots of black! We basically catered the wedding from start to finish with a little help from a few of our friends and Ashley’s Co Workers.


Going into dress shopping I didn’t think i was going to accommodate for my tattoos.  I did end up wanting to not have the tattoos over shadow the dress. I have a large back tattoo that the dress actually complemented pretty well I thought. My leg tattoos are really chaotic and I think would have overpowered the beauty of the dress if I had went with a short one. It ended up being a perfect balance. 


I am a tattoo artist so right before the wedding we got promise tattoos. I tattooed a black heart on Ashley’s ring finger, It may have had a little influence by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and I let her tattoo a lightning bolt on my shin, because lightning bolts are just Fun. She had never tattooed so its pretty shaky but I love it a bunch.  We are also planning on getting matching tattoos of the Stamp we used on the wedding invitations, with the whole wedding party. A little cat in a top hat and bow tie.


Our Top Tip For Wedding Planning – Be yourself. Other people are going to try to persuade you into thinking that everything needs to be traditional and  “the right way”. You will be much happier if you do you, and not worry about what everyone else is going to like.


Ahhhhh! Seriously – How awesome are Ashley and Alyssa? I am in love with their 1920s hairpieces! Thank you to them both and to BG Productions for sharing their American Helicopter Museum wedding with Marry Me Ink today. You can see a full list of suppliers at the end of their feature – be sure to leave them all some love.

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Wedding & Reception: American Helicopter Museum
Dress designer: Allure Romance
Suit/attire: The Loft for suit and J.Crew Tuxedo shirt
Groomsmen: Vera Wang 
Flowers: London Flower and Variety Inc.
Photographer: BG Productions
Hair & Make up: Rachel Martin from Volume Hair Studios
Cake: Doughnuts from Traubs Bakery
Food:  Culinart Catering

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  1. thank you so much for sharing this wedding.

  2. Such an incredible 1920s wedding at the Helicopter museum outside Philadelphia! Love every image!

  3. Wow – seriously cool and oh so beautiful.