The Ballet Bride – A Woolly Bridal Shoot On The Misty Moors

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Marry Me Ink loves everything from Tux & Tales Photography – So when Jaye and Matt asked me if they could borrow my African Pygmy Hedgehog Alfred for a ballerina bridal shoot, I just had to let him be part of it! 

Tux & Tales Photography_9249Yep – That’s Alfred!

The shoot took place last March on the misty moors of East Yorkshire at Danby Castle – Esk Valley Weddings. With real-life couple Gemma and Matt and pastel pretty Diablo Rose, they all look so beautiful in their wooly jumpers, tulle skirts and the finely loomed wool wedding dress from Makepiece in Hebden Bridge.

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With styling from Rosy Apple Creations and gorgeous flowers from Firenza Floral Design, Danby Castle looked absolutely breathtaking. I had the chance to speak to Jaye of Tux & Tales Photography about her creating this bridal inspiration shoot.

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The theme of the shoot was wool, tulle & wood – a sumptuous and eclectic mix of earthy and tactile sensations. Each element represented something personal that I love – be it knitting, animals or dance. When we work to style a shoot we are always reaching to do something just a little bit different – to show brides that they really can make their wedding as personal and as unique as they want it to be.

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How awesome is the shoot? Be sure to also watch the video from Mulhern Media of us all working busy behind the scenes (and also a shot of Alfred trying to speed away from the camera!) – This was one of my most favourite shoots to be involved in so far – it was so much fun! See the end of the post for the full lift of suppliers!

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Wool wedding dresses –
Venue – Danby Castle – Esk Valley Weddings
Stationery –
Headpieces –
Hair –
Makeup –
Lighting –
Venue Styling –
Floristry & Styling –
Bridesmaid: Diablo Rose
Ballerina –
Video –
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2 responses to “The Ballet Bride – A Woolly Bridal Shoot On The Misty Moors

  1. I was so thrilled to do this shoot and Alfred was the real star! Thanks so much for being involved and for featuring the shoot!

  2. what an amazing pictures It’s really adorable to see you guys happy keep smiling you both.