An Indian Echo Cavern Wedding – Nora & Ryan


Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with a stunning, intimate wedding captured by Philter Photo where the couple were wed inside the gorgeous Indian Echo Caverns.


Ryan is a huge Philadelphia 76ers fan.  He goes to a game every year, and now I do too.  haha.  We went to the annual game on Jan 16th, a Friday night.  I don’t know if you know or know, but the 76ers suck.  They actually won the night that we went.  Ryan was ecstatic.  We went back to the hotel and went to sleep.  The next morning we walked to the Philadelphia Art Museum, which Ryan had never been too.  Now, at that time of year it was FREEZING outside and we walked about a mile there.  When we got there we walked up the million steps.  I was reaching for the door because I was so cold and Ryan kind of pushes me to the side behind one of the huge pillars and drops immediately down to 1 knee.  Honestly I don’t remember if he said a little speech or just right away asked.  I obviously said YES!  We hugged and kissed and then I was literally sweating and needed a minute to recuperate.  We went inside and did our thing (called family/friends and toured the museum).  When we were getting ready to leave Ryan had to stop at the rocky statue and pose with it to show his accomplishment.  haha.  Everyone got a kick out of that. 


“The highlight of the wedding day is that it was FUN!  Ever since we started planning from day 1 we both said that we wanted it to be fun and comfortable.”


I think the a few things represented us as a couple; 1st of all getting married in the freaking caverns; I mean, COME ON (!) how does that not signify the style of couple we are.  We are very adventurous and love to do different things.  2nd the “1st look” being on the mini-golf course.  We always go mini golfing, go carting or hit the batting cages.  Again we love to have FUN!  And 3rd, the fact that our wedding was a 40 person wedding also signifies what kind of fierce love, loyalty and respect we have for our family. 

A lot of elements from our wedding were DIY, however, we did not DIY them.  Most items from our wedding were purchased from Etsy. From the giant doily we stood on in the caverns, the men’s boutonnières, my hair accessories, our invitations/thank you cards, salt covenant, cake topper/cake cutter/cake stand, to Ryan’s wedding ring.  We would rather buy from people that made the items then purchase from corporation somewhere.  We also pre-purchased our vases for our flowers from a local thrift shop.  We didn’t care if they matched, and we saved a TON of money ($40 total on vases). 


When you have extensive tattoos like I do, it is hard not to think of how they will look in a wedding dress.  I wanted to buy a dress that was comfortable and made me feel great.  I am not a hard girl to please… I went into David’s Bridal for the 1st time by myself and went back the next day with my best friend and bought a dress that day. 


How gorgeous do Nora and Ryan look? Thank you to them both and to Philter Photo for sharing their special day with Marry Me Ink. Be sure to leave them some love!

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Photography: Philter Photo
Marriage ceremony took place at: Indian  Echo Caverns
Wedding reception took place at: The Millworks
Nora’s Dress: David’s Bridal
Ryan’s Suite: A. BANKS
Flowers: Blooms By Vickery
Hair: Casey Reigle,  Seven Salon LLC 
Make up: Lindsay Mausner, Polished Salon and Spa
Cake: Schenk’s Bakery
Officiant: Scott Rhoades of New Traditions – Secular Celebrations & Humanist Ceremonies

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