An Outdoor Whispering Tree Ranch Wedding – Leah & James


Tattooed bride Leah looked absolutely gorgeous in her lace dress and pearls when she married James at vintage wedding venue the Whispering Tree Ranch. Kylee Elyse Photography captured their day beautifully and it makes me wish I was there at their wedding to see all the wonder.


James and my story didn’t really start the day we met. We met through mutual friends and shared a family experience that we both went through during different years. With how life works out, we went different ways for 3 years. Thanks to social media, I realized he was not with his last girlfriend and thought it would be okay to message him a cute heart to get his attention. I was living in my home state NJ at the time and was planning on moving back to AZ. I was attempting to build some relationships up prior to my move. I got his number because I thought he was cute and wanted to catch up once I got back into AZ. We spoke for a few months and once I got into AZ, I asked him to help me move. He showed up later that afternoon and we both knew, we were all we wanted.


James made me forget I was a mom and an adult. He made me feel extremely nervous but in a good way and the butterflies in my stomach went wild. He picked me up with a hug, spun me around and we had our first kiss! The world just stopped. I remember him taking me in his Tundra down the 101 to In and Out with my daughter asleep and so exhausted from the move. In NJ we don’t have In and Out so it was a treat! I was very content. I thought to myself, “I wouldn’t want it any other way.” We have gone through a lot since that day. Ups and downs. Being together and separate, but now we share a step daughter, expecting another girl in August, and much more. We are married and very in love with who we are becoming. Marriage is not easy but I believe it is something we both are willing to put effort into and make work. Truly, he is my other half and I love him more than yesterday!


The highlight of my Wedding day, was seeing James at the end of the aisle. It was a representation of us ending an old and starting a new, now that I think about it. Just seeing his face and being completely content with knowing I have him till we leave this earth. I also truly enjoyed us dancing and being with our family and friends.

The details that represented us was the cake toper, which was a plastic model of him weight lifting and me on his shoulders with a barbell. My wedding dress and his outfit were a great representation of who we are too.


I thought my tattoos would not honour the dress. That the tattoos would stand out more than ever and not allow me to have the eloquent look I was desiring.  In the end when I stood in the mirror, I didn’t even notice my tattoos. I think looking back at pictures that the dress and the tattoos went well together and it was very subtle. It was me. Exactly what I wanted.

We both have a tattoo that represents one another. He has a Queen of spades on his calf and I have a king of spades on my left forearm. We are each other’s King and Queen and I thought it would be a very small and subtle. It wasn’t obvious it was a couples’ tattoo. So I that’s what I enjoy most. It is our secret.




Our advice to other couples – Be creative and be you! This is your day. Enjoy and embrace who you were, who you are, and who you are becoming together in marriage. Love one another but first love yourselves. Just have fun!! Show off what you have! Be proud to have a story on your body that most can’t pull off. It makes you one of a kind!


How beautiful are Leah and James? Thank you to them both and to Kylee Elyse Photography for sharing with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to leave them some love!

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  1. Stunning photos and it’s great to see the bride and groom doing their own thing and incoroprating elements into their day which reflect their personalities 🙂