The Mermaid Bride


Oh how I’ve been planning to share this shoot from Heline Bekker Photography with you for a while! The shoot features tattooed bride bombshell regular Gwenda Jeffs and she’s totally killing it at the coastal mermaid bride!



We love to explore and visit locations with a different look and feel. We’d been planning a beach shoot for a while but typically, we had to wait for the weather to be kind! Our main goal was just to go and explore the location without any plan set in stone, to be free to shoot it how we wanted and just to have fun.


For me it was a day I’ll never forget. I hadn’t visited Kingsgate Bay before, so when I saw it I freaked out a bit like a kid in a candy store! To me the place has a certain feel to it, a mystery – and I love that!



Heline and I have been doing mini-shoots for a good couple of years now. As well as a new location or theme, they allow us to explore some different creative concepts (for Heline) and for me to take on some personal challenges.


Sometimes the former are pre-planned, sometimes we just see what the resulting images suggest (in this case, the exaggerated booked effects). Yet no shoot is quite complete without some element of threat to life and limb… The yoga classes of former years paid off for balancing on slimy rocks…and boy, does that tide come in fast!


How breathtaking does Gwenda look? Especially in her seashell mermaid crown (which she created herself). Thank you to Gwenda and Heline Bekker Photography for sharing with Marry Me Ink today. I think this would be a great idea for either a trash or cherish the dress? What do you think?

Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_012 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_008 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_010 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_013 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_019 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_016 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_015 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_018Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_027 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_025 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_024 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_036 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_038 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_041 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_031 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_029 Kingsgate_Bay_Beach_Shoot_Heline_Bekker_030

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