A Glastonbury Abbey Handfasting – Heather & Wayne


Today  I get to share with you Heather & Rob’s beautiful outdoor handfasting ceremony at Glastonbury Abbey from Marry Me Ink sponsor Kelly J Photography


I always think of Wayne as my Knight in Shining armour, and he treats me like his Queen. So having our handfasting at the iconic Glastonbury Abbey, burial place of King Arthur & his queen Guinevere- was really symbolic. We even used Wayne’s large ornamental sword in the ceremony.

We chose a pagan handfasting instead of a traditional Christian church ceremony. A lovely Interfaith female Minister Nixie James-Scott from Unique Ceremony worked with us to create something personal and unusual.


We wrote our own vows, and Nixie’s husband, Palmer Fox-Eldridge (a music legend who’s performed at Glastonbury festival), played a live acoustic version of his song ‘Valentine’ as our hands were bound in a purple and gold cord. Our children lit my special goddess incense, then played around in the orchard during the ‘boring’ bits.


I decided to choose an untraditional flowing purple fairy-goddess dress, with sheer sleeves and a low cut top- so my arm and breast tattoos could be seen.


Paul Hanford at Section 18 Tattoos in Shepton Mallet inked us with matching wedding tattoos as a gift! He designed the ‘howling huskies’ silhouette based on our company logo, from when we’d run a Dog Sledding & Wilderness Adventure company in Swedish Lapland. We still have two huskies. It represents us, our love of adventure, our wild side, and how we complete each other.


Our top three tips is you’re planning your wedding:

1. Don’t do anything for ‘other people’ including friends or family. This is YOUR day, do whatever makes YOU happy.
2. If you’re getting new ink for the big day- have it done at least 3 weeks before hand so it has time to settle down.
3. Don’t spend a fortune on your big day- we did ours on a budget of £500. Charity shops are a blessing. No-one likes a three course sit down meal- you’ll never please all the guests. Go for a mixed buffet or even fish & chips!


How magical is Heather and Wayne’s handfasting ceremony?! Thank you to them both and to Kelly J Photography for sharing with Marry Me Ink today – Be sure to leave them some love!

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