SAJA Wedding 2016 Bridal Collection


Today on Marry Me Ink, we have teamed up with the wonderful SAJA Wedding to show off their gorgeous new 2016 wedding dress collection, showcasing elaborate and superb workmanship yet still aligning with our simple aesthetic, the 5 new styles will cater to SAJA Brides who are independent, modern and elegant.

Designer, Yoo Lee’ s love of history is apparent in this newest collection featuring her take on intricate Baroque details and Deco lines, while the essence of each style remains pure and simple.

“I believe in designing a dress that compliments the bride, and doesn’t distract or take away from who she is.” She said, “Every stitch, piece of embroidery or seam serves a meaningful purpose and is essential to conveying my design process. We want to strip away the clutter to achieve the ultimate goal: a bride who is both beautiful and comfortable on her wedding day.”

As you will see below, the new collection is absolutely breathtaking..


Our penchant for hand embroidery is well showcased in this long sleeved piece. Elaborate and elegant, this silk chiffon dress lends itself as the signature style for us this season. The easy fit paired with a dropped waist will surely connect with a bride who appreciates its quiet complexity and subtle sophistication.


Baroque-inspired, the breathtaking hand beadwork on the front and back bodices compliment the yards of trained skirt behind this dress. The weightlessness and use of fine silk materials result in comfort while the thoughtful cut of the skirt and the placement of the seams both flatter and elongate the bride.


This gown is the epitome of our fine workmanship meeting our simple and elegant aesthetic. Our finest embroidery skills are represented through intricate floral artwork perfectly placed around the body. The dropped shoulders coupled with simple and modern construction make this silk organza dress a true marvel. 


This three layer silk chiffon dress has a wrap-around tea length beaded skirt that exudes pure decadence in antiqued hand beading. With delicate cap sleeves over a sheer sweetheart neckline, this unforgettable dress will make any bride feel special.


The ultimate simple wedding dress. A clean keyhole opening at the front neckline leads to a striking T-drop in the back of the dress. This modern style best showcases our usage of the finest silk material and the refined workmanship in our garment construction.


This lace embellished tulle dress has the delicate cap sleeves and a dramatic trained skirt that is still light in weight. Thoughtful drapes around the torso meet an easy and elegant fit, creating a breathtaking view of the bride from every angle.

How gorgeous is the new collection? My favourite is the ultimate simple dress – the keyhole opening on the neckline is just gorgeous. I think all of this collection, including the previous SAJA wedding dresses would be perfect for the boho and ethereal bride – Which is your favourite? If you love SAJA Wedding, why not check out Rock The Frock Bridal Boutique as that is where in the UK they are stocked.

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