A Colourful Tattooed Filled Wedding – Clare & Jon


Remember tattooed bride Clare and husband Jon’s Tattooed Spring Garden engagement shoot and story of how Jon proposed using their dog? Well, it’s now time to share their super gorgeous colourful wedding that took place earlier this year (after only 20 weeks of planning too!) from Emma of ELS Design Photography.


I knew who Jon was for a while, he used to come to my work for lunch every now and then, a while later we met in a night club and we briefly spoke. However, a few weeks later, by coincidence, we was set up by a mutual friend! We only needed the one date – we just clicked!


The overall theme of the wedding represented us, everything from our ceremony music to bridesmaid dresses. – we both love anything 50’s. We only had 20 weeks to plan our wedding, but I think we did a wonderful job! As soon as we booked our special day, we were shopping for decorations, favours and  table pieces.. Most of them we had to make ourselves, but it was nice to have some personal touches to the day – Jon made all the stationery.


I took a while trying to find the right dress for my tattoos – They are a big part of me and I wouldn’t want to cover them up on our big day. My dress was by Stewart Parvin – I found it in a wonderful shop called FrouFrou’s Bridal Boutique in Tunbridge Wells with the help of Gemma (Who had great patience with me while she helped me in and out of just a few dresses before I found the one!). I had some small adjustments made to the dress to make it more personal to me.


There’s not a lot that we would do differently, maybe just invited a few more people. Some words of advice would be to just soak up every single second of the day.. My mum got married just a couple of months before us and she said this to me. I didn’t really understand what she meant until the day after our wedding – The day goes so fast and it was really hard to just get a moment to take it all in.

I was so nervous walking down the aisle that I didn’t look at anyone but the man waiting for me at the other end. I wish I had looked around at all the faces of our friends and family. Savour every last second because it honestly is over within a flash (Plus the post wedding day blues suck! I still get them now). But with thanks to the ever so talented Emma at ELS Design Photography we can re-live every moment just by looking at our wonderful photos.


How gorgeous does Clare look? I love how colourful her and Jon’s wedding is! Thank you to them both and ELS Design Photography for sharing with Marry Me Ink today – Be sure to leave them some love!

Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography004 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography003 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography082 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography002 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography001 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography079 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography081 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography078 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography085 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography086 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography077 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography005 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography007 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography074 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography073 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography075 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography071 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography072 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography070 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography067 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography066Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography027 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography044 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography026 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography025 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography013 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography012 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography015 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography019 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography032 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography039 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography046 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography048 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography051 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography054 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography057 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography056 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography062 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography061 Clare-&-Jon---ELS-Design-Photography053

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring this gorgeous wedding Rachael!
    It was one of my faves this year – colour, tattoos and a stunning bride & groom – what more could a photographer ask for! 😉 xo Emma