A Relaxed Back Garden Wedding With A Claire Pettibone Dress – Bobbie & Jesse


Today on Marry Me Ink, tattooed bride Bobbie wore a gorgeous Claire Pettibone wedding dress when she married Jesse in their back garden which helped with the relaxed feel they wanted for their day. Their back garden wedding is gorgeously captured by Elevate Photography.


It was basically a friend of a friend of a friend that wanted us two to meet. We met as a group at the park and Jesse brought one of his dogs that was pretty impressive catching the frisbee. Jesse’s Friend didn’t get the memo that I was there to meet Jesse and not him though, he kept trying to touch my tattoos and made the entire day so awkward!


It was a laid back but well kept evening, the pizza food truck and games everywhere represented the relaxed personalities but the fine liquor we had also gave the “we like the better things in life” impression!

I was so worried about people not letting loose but the DJ was so good that everyone was on the dance floor (the open bar helped as well!).. Seeing such a wide array of people bonding on the dance floor made me so happy.


Just about EVERY element of the wedding was DIY – we had it in the backyard and I painted everything from the welcome signs to the trash cans! Jesse and I hand built the chuppah together, we work so well as a team and loved to say our vows under it, and hopefully will do it every year from here on out!


I have a gorgeous full back piece that represents the Parisian damask designs of the Victorian era so I really wanted a dress that not only did the same but blended and showed off my piece!


I would definitely talk to your chosen photographer to discuss what tattoos or all tattoos that you wish to include in all photos. Photos are what you will keep looking back on and share with everyone – I made sure my sleeve side was facing the audience so my pictures had them in it and also I made sure my best hair side was on the same side for pictures. I also incorporated my cake topper and little details that went with my tattooed themes on my body, they truly represent who I am so I wanted them everywhere!


How gorgeous is Bobbie and Jessie’s back garden wedding? Be sure to check out their full list of suppliers at the end of this post! Thank you to them both and to Elevate Photography for sharing their wedding with Marry Me Ink.

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Photography: Elevate Photography
Bobbie’s Dress: Claire Pettibone
Suits: Express for Men
Flowers: Sweet Pea Flowers
Hair & Make up: Four Seasons of Denver
Cake: Gigi’s Cupcakes and Nothing Bundt Cakes
Pizza Food Truck: Basic Kneads 
DJ: Amore DJ

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  1. I love this Claire Pettibone dress 🙂