Holding An Outdoor Wedding In The Cooler Months

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I love weddings. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to attend many of them. My all time favourite was one that was held outside in the late autumn. For me, there is something extra special about outdoor weddings. Especially those that take place in the spring or autumn, when the weather is a bit cooler. However, if you are planning to marry outside during the cooler months there are a few extra things to organise. Nothing major, just a few things you need to check and organise to make sure that everyone, including you, will enjoy your wedding day.


First, you need to find a venue that is suitable for this type of wedding. Of course, you want somewhere that has a nice outdoor ceremony space, but you also need a backup just in case the weather is not as good as you hoped. 

Most outdoor wedding venues use pergolas.  When the weather is good, they are left open to the sunshine, but if it looks like it is going to rain there is usually a top and canvas sides that can be unrolled to provide protection for the bride and groom. 

Usually the same can be done with the seating area for the guests. That way the ceremony can go ahead as planned, with everyone staying warm and dry. Some venues also provide outdoor heating.

If you opt to get married in a barn wedding venue you can get the best of both worlds. Often, if it is cold or wet on the day you will be offered the chance to take the ceremony indoors. 

However, if you want this fall back option to be available you need to ask about it before booking the venue. Make it clear that is what you need and find out what the backup ceremony area looks like, how big it is and how it will be decorated. That way, on the day, if it really is too cold or wet you know that everything will be ready for you to marry indoors instead.

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Holding a shorter ceremony also makes sense for a wedding that is outside, in the winter. Most people are warm enough outdoors if they are moving, but they soon get cold if they are sitting or standing still. Bear this in mind and be realistic about how long you can keep your guests outside in the colder months. Be especially mindful of this if you have very elderly friends and relatives in your wedding party.

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Having some blankets available for those guests to put over their legs is a good idea. If you are getting married outside during the colder months let your guests know that coats are OK. You will be surprised at how many people will stand there shivering because they think wearing a coat to a wedding would be impolite.


Getting married in the winter or colder months is a great chance to mix things up food and drinks wise. Nice touches like providing hot mulled wine as well as champagne along with a hot chocolate bar, for those who do not want alcohol, keeps everyone warm and makes your wedding a bit different.

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