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Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to introduce you to Ed Godden Photography. I’ve had the chance to feature one of Ed’s weddings before and I’m excited to be sharing some sneak peeks to what others are to be featured on the blog! Ed very kindly let me ask him a few questions about his photography style and previous couples.


I’m Ed, and I’m the photographer, editing machine, chief coffee maker, and general dogs body at Ed Godden Photography.

I’ve been a full time pro photographer for 20 years now… ever since I left college at 17 years old. I shoot weddings all year round for alternative, creative, and chilled-out couples in love.

My style of shooting is very relaxed, stylish, simple, documentary photography. Capturing special moments and telling a true story of the day, in a funky and stylish manner is always my main priority on a wedding day.


What inspires your work?

My couples inspire me to push me year after year. Seeing the joy I bring to a couple and their friends and family is the best feeling in the world. I shoot at least 30 weddings a year, so am always trying new things and experimenting.

autumn wedding

What are your favourite brides to work with?

I’m in a very fortunate position where most brides that book me are chilled-out, laid back brides, that are happy to put complete trust into me on their wedding day. Allowing me to just shoot away, and do my thing!

What type of styles would you recommend for the tattooed bride?

I’d encourage any bride to just do what the hell they want! Too many people stick their nose in when you’re getting married, and my best piece of advice is “just do it the way YOU want!” If you want to wear Converse trainers instead of expensive high heels… do it! If you want to wear a multi-coloured dress you found on eBay rather than a traditional white dress… do it!


How many tattoos do you have?

I don’t have any tattoos! I’ve always photographed tattooed models, and lots of tattooed brides, but never actually got one myself!

If you were to get married again, how would you do it?

Nothing! We got married on a beach in LA and it was perfect! It was just the two of us, the minister, and the photographer. My wife looked stunning… and to this date… its still the best wedding I’ve been too! After the extremely informal, yet romantic ceremony, we headed to a cool diner with our photographer, and had milkshakes and more photos taken!

Holli & Tim wedding-382

How cool is Ed? I love his work and cannot recommend him enough if you’ve still not booked your wedding photographer! Be sure to check out Ed Godden Photography online and check his Facebook  page and Instagram for tonnes more weddings he’s photographed.

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