Oh My Honey 2016 Bridal Collection


About ten days ago, Marry Me Ink was invited to the Oh My Honey 2016 Bridal Collection launch in Brighton. I RSVP’d straight away and had the most wonderful time. As well as getting to see Louise’s gorgeous 50s inspired bridalwear, I got to meet the lovely Lex of Fleming Photo. Lex gots to photograph the Oh My Honey look book this year and, as well, photographed this fab seaside shoot, filled with beautiful wedding flowers by Bettie Rose, that I’m getting to share with you today. I got the chance to chat with both Louise and Lex about the new Oh My Honey bridal collection and the ideas behind the shoot.


Fleming Photo

I first met Louise around 5 years ago when we worked together on a pinup style shoot with her first bridal collection. After a couple of years of bumping into her at wedding fairs and events, we started a pretty un-official collaboration team aka every time I want to do a shoot, Louise is the first person I contact! I love her general ethos towards business and her imagining and we’re usually totally on the same page with how we want things to look or feel. That’s why when Louise asked if I’d shoot her new bridal range, I jumped at the chance!


We ended up shooting over 2 days; the first being the lookbook and then the 2nd being our Brighton beach confetti styled shoot. I came up with the idea one evening having spent days looking at pretty confetti shoots. So I suggested staying over (ala with no alcohol as I did Dry January for charity!) but we nicknamed it #48hourbridalfest!

I knew I wanted really alternative babes as our brides and it fell into place that we ended up with 3 girls with awesome coloured hair! It’s a great contrast and shows that all types of brides where Louise’s dresses, from beautiful vintage brides to awesome, tattooed alternative brides! 


I love visiting Brighton and the weddings I shoot in Brighton are always really colourful, you can’t go wrong with the beach! I really wanted to incorporate Marina Drive and its iconic mint green railings as much as I could. 

The original plan was these fun, action shots of confetti but that quickly changed when after 4 confetti cannons that blew off into the sea instantly, so instead we changed tactics to just have fun with the girls despite the horrendous chill!

It was also a great chance to show the new Crown & Glory headpieces and it looks awesome on the girls coloured hair!



Me and Lex love working together, I think we both have a similar style ethos, and we encourage each other to try new ideas, I think ones work, quite often inspires the other. Because she was coming down to Brighton to shoot the lookbook, Lex suggested we make a weekend of collaborating together, and as well as having the lookbook shoot, we captured something fun with Brighton as the backdrop, showing that the dresses aren’t just classic vintage styles, that they can also alternative and edgy too. 


For the models we picked Alex, Vanessa and Giselle, non of which had met before, but the three of them soon bonded when we sent them walking along Brighton promenade in January, with no coats and helium balloons! We knew they would look awesome together, it was great to get the different coloured hair, mixed with tattoos and styled with their own shades and Crown and Glory accessories. Lex’s photography captures the fun, colourful day we had perfectly!


How gorgeous is the new Oh My Honey bridal collection? There are twelve dresses in total to choose from! Prices start from £350 and can now be ordered online! Make sure that you get yours ordered! Thank you to both Louise and Lex of Fleming Photo for sharing this gorgeous shoot with Marry Me Ink today.

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  1. Such an excellent shoot, the lighting is beautiful! I really like the models’s unconventional hair colours!