Most Curious 2016 – The Wedding Show For The Style Savvy Couple

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Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you the awesome A Most Curious Wedding Fair.. It’s a wedding show full of style, colour and is just awesome! There are two locations over the next fortnight where fabulous suppliers will be waiting to meet you!


Founder Becky Hoh-Hale, got married in 2008 just before the vintage explosion, so struggled with even getting a caterer who would serve food ‘on old plates’. So what followed was a now familiar story, but slightly pioneering at the time, of Becky collecting all her own vintage china, making her own bunting, backdrops and tablecloths and sourcing props that were unique to her and and her husband and were of course ‘vintage’. This lead to her hiring out the pieces after her wedding to other like minded, and time-short brides who may not have the time or inclination to collect every thing they needed, under the name A Most Curious Party. That’s old news now, with a whole host of stories like that in the wedding industry, but Becky took it one step further. Following a disheartening spate of exhibiting at wedding shows with her wares, Becky realised the same pioneer spirit could be applied to wedding fairs and she might just be the girl to do it. Most Curious, the wedding show for the style-savvy couple was born.


Just as A Most Curious Party started as offering couples something that fit with their everyday lifestyle loves (a beautiful, slick version of it of course) Most Curious now unites trend aware and directional suppliers with the free and forward thinking couples who want their wedding day to be as design and fashion led as the rest of their lives, as free spirited and wild as their love and not particularly subscribing to a hugely traditional aesthetic for their big day, just what they love – but focused down into a wonderful 24 hour production!


A Most Curious bride probably works in the creative or media world, and knows what she likes aesthetically. We are not a show for people who haven’t got any ideas about how their wedding should be, we want to be their guide and helping hand they need to achieve their vision. Her home is full of catci and wandering plants, macrame hangings or artistic prints, her wardrobe is full of vintage and indie design pieces alongside a little but of Topshop and heck, even New Look. Things don’t have to cost a bomb for her to be able to make it look cool, she has a magpie eye for the beautiful. As a couple they love music and have plenty of vinyl in their lives and ‘I LOVE this song’ moments together, spending hours discussing or listening to their favourite bands.


At heart she may be a little geeky and enjoy duvet days with a good book or star gazing with her beau equally as much as hitting Dalston High Street in her leather jacket and skinny jeans. She probably knows what she wants for her wedding, but not exactly sure where to get it, but we know that we are fulfilling our tasks with these type of brides, because we see them do a little skip when they walk into the show and mouth ‘ THIS is what I mean’.


Want to be there?.. I know I want to! Filled with awesome suppliers such as Oh Squirrel, Belle & Bunty and Ann-Marie Faulkner, make sure you head to one of the following weekends:

SATURDAY 12 and SUNDAY 13 MARCH 2016 10.30AM – 5.30PM

SUNDAY 20 MARCH 2016 11AM – 4.00PM


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