A 1960s Retro London-On-Sea Wedding – Laura & Dave


Tattooed bride Laura wore a bespoke sixties style dress by Joanne Fleming Design (One of Marry Me Ink’s favourites) when she married husband Dave last year. Laura and Dave are both originally from seaside towns, so they decided to bring that feel to their wedding day, complete with fish and chips and have it all captured by the wonderful Ed Godden Photography.


Dave and I met whilst making a video game commercial. We remained friends for a number of years, hanging out with a similar group of friends and seeing each other at the odd BBQ. Neither of us considered a relationship with the other, until we drunkenly bumped until each other at a bad rock club – the rest is history as they say!


The whole wedding was based around us as a couple. We are both from Seaside towns (Brighton and Portsmouth) and therefore wanted represent that in our theme. As our home town of Stoke Newington in London, means so much to us we chose to have our wedding there, rather than having to pick a hometown and we created the theme of London-On-Sea. We found a beautiful venue that was set on the reservoir in Hackney and fed the guests with fish and chips on long tables, to make it feel like we were sailing on a galley ship. To keep the theme relaxed, we also serve our favourite foods of tacos, cupcakes and doughnuts and as the evening progressed, we got the bar to serve all our drinks in red-cups, which made incredible photos.


We dry hired the venue and did everything ourselves. Dave has worked in live events for years and worked on organising the day itself. I was as lucky as a bride that I didn’t have to worry about caterers, bar staff, contracts or dressing the venue on the day. I worked on all the DIY aspects and finishing touches, such as making 135 rope knot napkin holders and colouring book packs to entertain the children. I also created a chalk board bar sign (which took weeks) and beaded my bridesmaids dresses to all look the same.


I had my dress made for me by Joanne Flemming Design. She and I worked together to create a timeless piece, that was inspired by my Nan’s wedding dress from 1958. Everything from the neckline to the length was made to flatter my body and enhance my tattoos. I loved the 1960s veil and bow on the waistline – they totally made the whole outfit!

I got tattooed by Claudia De Sabe a few months before the wedding with a Virgin Mary piece, that symbolised our upcoming marriage in St Mary’s Church. Now every time I look at my calf, I think about my Husband and our beautiful wedding day.


The highlight of our day was being able to bring our family and friends together and show them all an amazing time.

Weddings can be stressful, but they don’t have to be, as it’s just a party at the end of the day. Write lists, set budgets and most of all have fun – ensure your wedding reflects you as a couple and don’t have a wedding that is only aimed on showing off or please others, you will only be stressed and miserable. Also spend money in the important places such as a decent photographer, free bar and a good DJ – it will add to the atmosphere and ensure you don’t have a boring wedding.


How awesome is Laura and Dave’s wedding? I love that they brought the seaside feels of their hometowns to Hackney and had their favourite foods – YUM! Thank you to them both and to Ed Godden Photography for sharing with Marry Me Ink today – Be sure to leave them some love.

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Photographer: Ed Godden Photography
Marriage Ceremony: St Mary’s Church N16
Wedding Reception: The West Reservoir Centre
Laura’s Dress:  Joanne Flemming
Dave’s Suit: Hugo Boss and Mrs Bowtie
Bridesmaids Dresses:  Monsoon
Groomsmen: TM Lewin and Mrs Bowtie
Flowers: Evergreen and Outrageous, Stoke Newington
Hair & Make up: Jessie Deol
Cake:  Crumbs and Doilies
Doughnuts : Crosstown Doughnuts

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  1. What a fantastic idea for a theme!