A Music Filled, Seaside Wedding With A 50s Tattooed Bride – Sophie & Kyle


On Marry Me Ink today is Sophie, who radiates a fifties tattooed bride vibe, and her husband Kyle who looks great in his maroon suit (More maroon suits please!). From Marry Me Ink favourite Ed Godden Photography is their fabulous fifties seaside wedding at The Cliff Hotel.


We met in the local pub at a gig, where Kyle’s friend asked me and my friend to play pool. I accidentally stabbed Kyle in the face with a pool cue and then eventually he asked for my number.. Haha!


The music at our wedding is what was really personal – our ceremony music was a selection of Muse songs, who are one of our favourite bands who we connected over when we first met. Then we went on to have David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac playing throughout the day, including our first dance which was Bowie’s Let’s Dance. We’d always joked about having it as a first dance, so was great to make it a reality.


Kyle’s highlight was fronting our wedding band, Distant Sun! We know the band quite well, so they were well up for us joining in with them for a song – Under Pressure by Queen and Bowie. Kyle even crowd surfed on a group of his friends at the end, it was awesome.


We pretty much did everything ourselves, with the help of friends and family. My beautiful bridesmaids helped me decorate the reception room, my Nanna Thelma made the table decorations, and Tina, my bridesmaid Christy’s mum made the gorgeous bridesmaids dresses, so we could get exactly what we wanted. All of us got together to make the favours and Kyle and I made our invitations (which took bloody ages and we wish we hadn’t haha!).


I always knew that my tattoos wouldn’t be hidden on the day as I’m a tattooist myself, so they are a big part of my identity. I wanted to look as authentically fifties as possible so that was what influenced my choice of dress more than anything else. Plus Kyle said he liked big over the top dresses, which helped me choose!


The whole day was absolutely perfect and it’s so hard to pick out a specific moment amongst all the amazing memories we made with our family and friends, but one of my favourite bits was escaping before our wedding reception to have some photos on the beach at sunset, with our awesome photographer, Ed Godden. It was a bit of time to step back and realise that we were actually married now and enjoy each other’s company!


The only advice we would give is to do whatever you bloody want and have the best day ever! Don’t be swayed by others opinions and just relax and have fun. I would also say, splash out and get an awesome photographer that can tell the story of your day!


How beautiful is Sophie and Kyle’s wedding? I love Sophie’s fifties tattooed bride style, including her tiara and big dress. Thank you to them both and to Ed Godden Photography for sharing their day with Marry Me Ink. Be sure to check out the full list of their suppliers at the end of the blog post.

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Photographer: Ed Godden
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: The Cliff Hotel, Gorleston
Sophie’s Dress: 50s Vintage from The Vintage Mistress, Etsy
Sophie & Bridesmaids’ Shoes: BAIT footwear
Kyle’s Suit: Jack Bunneys
Bridesmaids dresses: Tina Vince
Flowers: Glenda’s Sprig of Heather, Gorleston
Cake: Sarah Elizabeth Potter
Caricaturist: Spot on George
Band: Distant Sun
Balloons, Postbox and Chair Covers: Celebration Station

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  1. Absolutely love the vibrance of these images. Looks like a fun wedding! Well captured!