A Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas Wedding – Tabitha & Eric


Today on Marry Me Ink, tattooed bride Tabitha and husband Eric had a retro feel to their wedding that took place at the House of Blues, Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. From Las Vegas wedding Photographer Jamie Y Phography – Tabitha and Eric went on to celebrate at their wedding after-party at The Bourban Room at The Venetian.


We met online on Hot or Not, an online dating site that you rate each others pictures (Before the days of Tinder!) – Back in the old days of MSN we decided to start chatting on there, we chatted for a couple of weeks and originally planned on just staying friends. He was an army boy who lived 9 hours away from me, but after getting along so well we decided on a mutual half way meeting place which was Barrie Ontario. We spent a weekend together and had an instant connection – He had me at Wendy’s burgers at 1am! 10 years later and one year married, dropping my life for some army boy was the best choice I could have made!


We are big into being relaxed and having fun and we love music! Our ceremony took place outdoors in a garden setting, Our choice of restaurant was The House of Blues which was a laid back music venue with a good selection of normal foods, not that fancy stuff no one can pronounce and the afterparty was at The Bourban Room, the announcer is dressed as an 80’s hairband guy, and they play old rock and roll. The style I went for myself and my bridesmaids was rockabilly/pinup, which is something I am very into and have always admired. From the laid back outdoor ceremony, to the relaxed dinner for 15 and afterparty hearing nothing but rock and roll, all those things represented us to a T.


I needed a dress that didn’t have to much going on and take away from my tattoos, I was not the slightest concerned with hiding them, actually I finished my sleeve just before the wedding so I could show it off more on our wedding day.


I cant pinpoint one particular part of the day to be my favorite because every second was the best time of my life! I loved how relaxed it was and that it was just 15 of the closest people to our hearts.

Don’t plan for other people, plan for yourself! You have one day to enjoy this! The extra stress of trying to please everyone else isn’t worth it! This day is for you both make sure it is what you want and what will make you happy in the long run. We did what we wanted and where we wanted and, although planning from across the country was stressful, I have no regrets on how we did our wedding – we and all our guests enjoyed every part of our day. No one remembers the little details you put into that DIY decor that took your money and stress, they remember how much of a good time they had. Our biggest concern was enjoying ourselves. Don’t get so caught up in the nonsense and the cost of the planning that you forget that the day is about you both as a couple and you get to do it only once! It’s not worth going into a marriage broke because you tried to make everyone else happy on your wedding day! We planned our way and I wish I could go back now and do it 1000 more times!


Thank you to Tabitha and Eric for sharing their Las Vegas wedding with Marry Me Ink today and to Jamie Y Photography for the amazing photos.

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Photographer: Jamie Y Photography
Marriage ceremony took place at: The Grove, Las Vegas
Wedding reception took place at: The House of Blues, Las Vegas
Dress designer: Essence of Australia
Suits: Moores Clothing
Bridesmaids Dresses: Pinup Girl Clothing
Hair & Make up: Perfect Hair and Makeup, Las Vegas
Cake: Periodot Sweets, Las Vegas
Wedding Planning: Archel Rolwing Events, Las Vegas

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  1. You’ve managed to do the impossible…have a classic, gorgeous, stunning and unique wedding in Las Vegas! I hard feat, so well done! Love the photos – they look very ‘in the moment’ and capture the excitement of the moments before the ceremony very well