A Boho Chic Wedding In Austria – Lisa & Christoph


Today on Marry Me Ink, tattooed bride Lisa married Christoph at a gorgeous historic church in Salzburg, Austria and went on to celebrate at Vitalhotel Gosau. They celebrated my friends and family and had the wonderful Photo-Melanie there to capture their special day.


Christoph and I first met in a bar – I’d never thought I’ll meet a man I’ll marry once. It was a really amusing night with lots of drinks and dancing. When he finally came to talk to me I was a little bit nervous – I liked how he looked like on this evening.


As for DIY elements – I did everything by myself. Nobody was allowed to help me because I wanted everything perfect.


The highlight of the day was our baby girl who was a surprise for my husband in the church – she came in with an old Wagon. She held the box with the rings in it in her tiny hands, she was so cute.


The part that represented us a couple was the big party all day long. If we had any advice for other couples getting married – JUST ROCK IT!


How fab is Lisa and Christoph’s boho-chic wedding? Thank you to them both and to Photo-Melanie for sharing with Marry Me Ink today.

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  1. Wow, so gorgeous and stunning pictures, thanks for your sharing.