Mitton Hall – Off-Beat Wedding Fair


If you’re following the Marry Me Ink Facebook page, you’ll notice that I spent the last Bank Holiday Monday at James’ Places Mitton Hall for their Off-Beat Wedding Fair. I had the chance to meet Jack of Project Valentine Photography who took plenty of photos on the day of everyone’s spectacular stalls.


The main reason for me visiting the Off-Beat Wedding Fair at Mitton Hall last Monday was to work with the ever awesome Kerry Baker Make Up.


Kerry was showcasing two demos throughout the day, the first being the “Wonderful Wing” and the second being the “Perfect Pout”. If you didn’t know, I was Kerry’s model for the day.


Other exciting parts of the day included having my hair styled by Carly’s Creation Hair Salon and getting to wear yet another amazing gown from Legend Bridal Designs¬†which channeled my inner Lagertha from Vikings.


As well as being pampered, I sampled a lovely cocktail from Bowland Brewery and canapes from Mitton Hall’s caterers.


Many suppliers had their stands looking pretty – My favourite was a large peacock centerpiece from Manchester based wedding florist Red Floral!


Want to visit Mitton Hall? Well there’s an Autumn Wedding Spectacular happening in October which I’m so excited for!

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