Social Media Etiquette & Weddings

Good evening, more and more am I seeing couple opting for “No posts to Social Media until the evening reception”, one my friends actually stated this on their invitation to us for their September wedding, and I couldn’t agree more.

Patrick from Sheraton Athlone Hotel has created this infographic on what is deemed as good practice at weddings during the height of all the Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Instagram to name a few!). Anyway, why would you bother checking your Instagram likes every five minutes instead of enjoying your wedding?


One response to “Social Media Etiquette & Weddings

  1. Thanks for posting some guidelines around this. It would also help to hear more about HOW couples prevent their guests from using social media during their wedding. When my now-husband and I got married this spring, we had our officiant request that everyone put away their cell phones during the ceremony, enjoy the moment, and let the photographer capture the photos. I was SHOCKED at how many people completely ignored this request! I wonder whether couples who put this in writing (on invites, programs, etc) have better success.

    Thanks for posting something truly informative amidst the cacophony of “inspiration” posts in the wedding blogosphere 🙂