5 Minimal Back Of Neck Tattoos To Shine On Your Wedding Day

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A woman’s wedding day is among the most important days of her life and the one on which she wants to truly stand out and look her best. Many tattooed brides go to great lengths to cover up or hide their tattoos. This can significantly limit the choice of wedding dresses for tattooed brides. Some brides choose, however, to flaunt their body art proudly on their wedding day. Even better, independent, free-spirited brides choose to get small meaningful tattoos to commemorate this momentous occasion.

As many brides choose to wear their hair in an elaborate style keeping it up and off their necks, graphic design tattoos for the back of the neck are a subtle and sophisticated way to show their style. Here are some of the best minimal tattoos for back of neck tattoo ideas to complement, rather than compete with, a gorgeous gown. Although tattoo studios have a variety of styles to choose from, it’s important for brides to choose small meaningful tattoos that represent their unique personalities.

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The simplicity of graphic design tattoos allows them to represent many things. The anchor is a symbol of travel and adventure that can illustrate the beginning of a couple’s journey together. By getting married, a couple is choosing to follow a path together, but because it can sometimes be a bumpy ride, the anchor can also show a couple’s commitment to be there for each other. An anchor tattoo is a perfect symbol of the promise to be each other’s anchor in stormy times.



Snowflakes are beautifully delicate and each one is unlike any other. Of the many back of neck tattoo ideas, this is one of the easiest to make truly one-of- a-kind representing the couple’s unique relationship and love for each other. A snowflake tattoo shows the world that the bride has found in her groom that one special person that is her perfect match. 


Musical Note

For a musically inclined bride, a simple music note is one of the best minimal tattoos to show her love of song. The tattoo can be as simple as one small note, or it could be an elaborately drawn Treble clef. The bride may even wish to use the first few notes of the couple’s first dance song to make a unique reminder of their wedding day.



Bows are reminiscent of gifts and presents. This is one of the best back of neck tattoo ideas to show femininity and generosity. A bow can be drawn as a simple curving black line or can be more frilly and elaborate. It could even be done in color to be the bride’s “something blue”. This tattoo is a sweet reminder that marriage is an amazing gift the couple shares.



A list of the best minimal tattoos for brides would not be complete without a heart, the ultimate symbol of love. A bride could choose one simple heart to stand for her love for her groom or perhaps two hearts entwined that are done in the bride and groom’s favorite colors. To make her tattoo even more personal, the couple’s initials or wedding date could be added.

Small meaningful tattoos on the back of the neck are a perfect way for brides to shine on their wedding day and are a beautiful complement for wedding dresses for tattooed brides. There certainly is not a better representation of a couple’s lasting love.

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