Legend Bridal’s Alternative Catwalk – The Great Northern Wedding Show


Just over a week ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Great Northern Wedding Show where Marry Me Ink’s ultimate favourite Legend Bridal Designs had their own slot on the runway – The Alternative Catwalk. 


Having such a massive love for Charlotte, Rach and the team at Legend Bridal Designs, I just had to be there and on the front row to witness the gowns in all their glittering glory. The catwalk was perfectly captured by ZT Photography (Which is why I’m using them because, as you can see, I’m busy Instagramming and catching the dresses as they pass the front row!) and she even included a little shoot in the car park afterwards.


This dress was a combination of gorgeous silk and featured a fresh flower train from another of Marry Me Ink’s favourites – Paragon Floral Design. I took a few shots and videos myself and uploaded them to the Marry Me Ink Instagram page if you want to check out the rest of the day! 


First to be shown was their most alternative designs. Complete with black, aubergine and dark floral fabrics – showing that a darker aesthetic is no less bridal and not at all macabre.

legend_gnws2016_008 legend_gnws2016_007 legend_gnws2016_014 legend_gnws2016_012

“For the second part, we wanted to show how easy it is to switch up your look throughout the day with the use of accessories. We took a simple satin mermaid gown and created 3 different looks using overskirts, belts, shoulder jewellery and veils. Our bridesmaids Hatty and Zoe changed all Chloe’s accessories while on stage showing just how easy the transformation is.”

legend_gnws2016_018 legend_gnws2016_023 legend_gnws2016_024

The next part of the alternative catwalk featured plenty of new favourites and included the showstopper fresh flower train.

legend_gnws2016_026 legend_gnws2016_035 legend_gnws2016_033 legend_gnws2016_030 legend_gnws2016_028 legend_gnws2016_027

Then for the finale, Legend Bridal Designs took on a journey to Wonderland. It featured a gorgeous black Queen of Hearts styles dress (complete with the high fanned collar) and a cute laced white rabbit.

legend_gnws2016_036 legend_gnws2016_044 legend_gnws2016_041 legend_gnws2016_054

Thank you to Legend Bridal Designs, ZT Photography and The Great Northern Wedding Show for having Marry Me Ink there to see the Alternative Catwalk.

legend_gnws2016_057 legend_gnws2016_059 legend_gnws2016_060 legend_gnws2016_062 legend_gnws2016_063 legend_gnws2016_066 legend_gnws2016_067 legend_gnws2016_068 legend_gnws2016_070 legend_gnws2016_072 legend_gnws2016_074 legend_gnws2016_075

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