A Beach & Brewery Wedding In Western Australia – CJ & Grant


Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you tattooed bride CJ and husband Grant’s Western Australia beach wedding from Kate and Luke of Photogerson Photography.


Grant and I have known each other since we were really little. When we were really young both of our families were living in Botswana and really good friends. While they socialised around the pool we used to play in the mud and stuff. When I was 10ish my family moved to Canada and a year or 2 after, Grants family moved to Australia. We lost touch until one day I was bored and added a bunch of people on Facebook that I knew from Botswana and he didn’t remember who I was so he sent me a message. We got to chatting and I was going traveling to Australia so I figured I would go and see him. He picked me up from the airport, we saw each other and just knew.


“7 years later and every day is even more amazing than the one before”


Pretty much the entire wedding was DIY. It was all simple and about having fun. My personal favourite was making our programs which were little newspapers. It was pretty cool to put all of our stories that connect us in one place.


We have two major highlights from our wedding day, firstly when they introduced us as married and I heard my new last name officially for the first time and secondly when we go our photos done. It’s funny – we are not really photo people and were went super excited about it but it actually ended up being one of the most special parts of the day. We got to spend time with just our wedding party and just each other before the reception and our photographers just got us and made it really fun and chilled out. We really got to enjoy our first few hours as husband and wife before we went to celebrate with all of our lovely guests. To top it all off we got some pretty special memories captured.


Our cake was one of the things that represented us as a couple! We love cars and our cake was so us – the picture says it all.


I had the most amazing dress designers, Sandra and Briggita at Elvi Design, who just helped me embrace who I am. So because my tattoos are part of who I am they were absolutely taken into account but not in the sense that we actively designed it around them.


Our tip for those planning their wedding: Be true to you and it’ll be the best day ever! Why would you be someone else when you marry your best friend when you can be the be you?!


How awesome is CJ and Grant’s wedding? I absolutely love their supercar wedding cake and CJ’s pastel wedding dress! Thank you to them both and Photogerson Photography for sharing their wedding day with Marry Me Ink.

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Photographer: Luke and Kate at Photogerson
Wedding Reception: Cowaramup Brewery
CJ’s Dress: Elvi Design
Hair & Make up: Kerstin Pielage and Jenna Italiano
Flowers: Tara Aston
Cake: Edible Art
Car Vinyls: Riot Vinyls

2 responses to “A Beach & Brewery Wedding In Western Australia – CJ & Grant

  1. Awesome! photography very good unique ideas of photography i will try these ideas on my own wedding thanks for sharing you did a good job.

  2. Fabulous wedding! Very wonderful and a unique wedding. I also like the supercar wedding cake. 🙂
    Great photos and lovely couple. Thanks for sharing!