A Haunted Hotel Wedding At Halloween – Mallory & Chris


With Halloween less than a week away (Do you have your pumpkins ready?!), I just had to share with you Mallory and Chris’ dress-up haunted Hotel Havana wedding from Jeff Gilmer Photography.


I met Chris on my birthday, which happens to be New Years’s Eve. He crashed my party with a couple of my co-workers. A week later he messaged me online to ask me out. He lived in Austin at the time, but every weekend he made it a point to come see me in San Antonio. Well, at the time he already had a job lined up in Houston. I had two choices let him go, see what happens, (do the whole long distance thing) or do something crazy and go with him. So after only 3 months of dating I went with him, and don’t regret a thing.


We love horror movies, Halloween, and spooky cartoons. On top of being on Halloween, we picked a haunted venue that reflected that (with the best Cuban sandwiches), tried to tie together little details that weren’t too kitschy like the gold skeleton hand bracelets/vampire teeth button down shirts, and created a slide show of black and white Halloween cartoons that was projected on the courtyard wall.


As for DIY – we made these paper masks that we were really proud of. The template was made by guy named Steve Wintercroft who made really user friendly guidelines to make these really cool, modern animal masks from basically cereal box cardboard. They came out awesome!


I found making the masks as a really great stress reliever, actually. On top of planning the wedding I had actually just moved to San Antonio, and started a new job as PICU Nurse at the Children’s Hospital. It was a nice creative distraction.

The whole day was perfect, but I feel like our reception was the highlight. People came dressed up, the music was fun, and the atmosphere was what you would imagine for a Halloween party in a haunted hotel. Oh, and at the very end they played The Misfits. The perfect ending.


My biggest tip for your wedding day would be to make sure someone sets aside food for you before everyone and in a place you can eat in peace…. I learned this the hard way and totally did not get a chance to taste the blueberry tartlets I had been looking forward to for over a year!


How awesome is Mallory and Chris’ wedding? Thank you to them both and to Jeff Gilmer Photography for sharing their Halloween Haunted Hotel wedding with Marry Me Ink!

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