A Dark & Romantic Theatrical Wedding Inspiration


It’s finally here! The gorgeous collaboration that happened earlier in 2016 with Edith & Winston Bridalwear, Tux and Tales Photography, Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and Sugar, Darling? and Lyceum Theatre, Crewe, has now hit the blog after being featured in Gorgeous Bride Magazine!

2016-12-05_0073Headpiece – Pearls and Swine

To help with the romantic feel of the shoot, we had such a wonderful team on board including Kerry Baker Make Up Artist and Wedlocks Bridal Hair Specialist to make our faces beautiful and also Pearls and Swine and HF Couture to helped us accessorise us like glittering darlings!

2016-12-05_0098HF Couture

We also had the awesome Ellen of LND Events on board for the day who helped create a gorgeous floral, woodland deep theatrical feel to the tablescapes on the day with the help from Paragon Floral Design, Mani’s Creative Services, Sally Jane Cake Designs and Roses & China.


The idea of the shoot was to get the deeps reds and plums from the theatre setting and incorporate it into the flowers and cake, whilst having glittering table wear for it to stand out against the vast darkness of the black stage.


We didn’t want to have too many dresses to focus one, so we had five dresses that we chose from Edith & Winston Bridalwear which fitted Georgina, Nancy and myself perfectly. I was in love with both of mine!


Jaye and Matt of Tux & Tales Photography are my favourite people and they both worked so hard under the pressure we had to get the smokin’ shots that they did with the small amount of time we had. (We had lots of fun in the day with the added pressure of traffic and delays!!)


Massive thank you to everyone again who helped out and got up early to be with us at the Lyceum Theatre in Crewe – You can see a full list of the suppliers involved at the end of the post.

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Photography – Tux and Tales Photography
Venue – Lyceum Theatre, Crewe
Dresses – Edith & Winston Bridalwear
Styling – LND Events
Hair – Wedlocks Bridal Hair Specialist
Make Up – Kerry Baker Make Up Artist
Flowers – Paragon Floral Design
Stationery – Mani’s Creative Services
Cake – Sally Jane Cake Designs
China Hire – Roses and China
Models – Nancy of Sugar, Darling?, Georgina of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and myself, Marry Me Ink

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  1. Dark, romantic and very beautiful!!! Great work! 🙂

  2. Nice atmosphere in the pictures for such a beautiful place.