A Dark Souls, Friday The 13th Wedding – Stephanie & Larry

I adore a bride in a black wedding dress and Stephanie looks incredible in hers from Eric Dress. They exchanged vows and partied at Old Rock Church in Utah with their friends and family which was filled with gorgeous paper flowers which they handmade out of old anatomy books and they had Convincing Imaging there to capture their day.

We met trough a mutual friend in high school. His friend Andy had recently moved to my home town of Malad Idaho, and Larry (my husband) came up to visit him. I was on my way to cheer practice when we stopped at Thomas Market, the local grocery store to pick up some drinks. They pulled in at the same time and that’s when we met. The first words I ever said to him were, “get in the cart b****!” And I proceeded to push him through the parking lot and almost ran him into a car. Later that night, after the football game, we hung out that’s when he kissed me. We told each other that we loved each other that night.

We based our entire wedding off of our favorite video games, Dark Souls, so the whole wedding was a representation of us and what we love to do as a couple. Gaming is a really big part of our lives and those games in particular have a very special place in our hearts. 

A lot of our wedding was DIY. We did hundreds of paper roses out of anatomy books that we use everywhere in the venue. Most of the decorations were bought at second hand stores, repainted and redecorated only weeks before the wedding. But the roses were personally my favorite. 

My dress was picked mostly off how it made me feel, and that dress made me feel like I could breathe fire. I didn’t want to look dainty and beautiful; I wanted to look fearless.

We have his & her tattoos that we actually did at our wedding. I tattooed his band on him, and then he did his first and only tattoo on me. It was a really cool experience, I’m so happy we had it all on camera!

The biggest highlight was just being with Larry. We had been through so much up to this point and I was just so excited to know that we were going to finally be together. I to this day can not believe how lucky I am to have him. 

Never be ashamed of your beautiful and expensive skin, but don’t feel like you have to show it all off to prove who you are. Also make sure to get tattooed 3 weeks before the wedding so they are healed by the wedding and look nice, and never forget to moisturise (!!!) this will make sure your tattoos look beautiful and fresh, dulled and ashy tattoos make for bad photos!

How fab is Stephanie and Larry’s Dark Souls wedding? I’m in love with all their decor including their anatomical paper hearts! Thank you to them both and to Convincing Imaging for sharing their say with Marry Me Ink!

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  1. Stunning, every single bit of it!