A Low-Key, Rustic Barn Wedding – Jess & Ben

Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you Jess and Ben’s beautiful barn wedding from Lace and Luce Photography. Jess owns her own florist business L’Orangerie Floral Design and obviously created her own bouquets – They are gorgeous!

Ben and I grew up on the same street, his younger brother was in my class all the way from Kindergarten to High School graduation. We never really knew each other despite growing up a few doors down from each other. But one night at a bush party in high school, we locked eyes and were inseparable for the rest of the summer, and for the last 10 years!

We did everything ourselves for this wedding, so all the touches were very personal. I am a Florist by day, so all the floral touches, on the cake, the tables, the floral arch etc. are definitely all me. We had Caribbean food catered, which has so many vegan/vegetarian options which was important for us and our friends. Ben is in a band (New Swears) so the guys from New Swears and our friend Shawn performed a full set, including our first dance, father/daughter dance and mother/son dance. Our ceremony was short and sweet with live acoustic music from Ben’s cousin Joe, the bar was fully stocked with hand-crafted cocktails and beer made by one of the groomsmen’s father, and jager-bombs for the bridal party – it made for a very fun night!

I don’t think my tattoos were really a thought when I was choosing a dress. I don’t usually dress around my tattoos – I had originally wanted a dress with sleeves and a low-back, but couldn’t find anything that worked for me. The dress that I chose is actually a custom Truvelle dress, we mixed the top of one dress, with the bottom of the other (and I thought my tattoos looked great in it anyway!)

It sounds so corny but all of it was our favourite! It’s so hard to just choose one moment. Hearing all the speeches from our friends and family, having Jen (our photographer) take us out of the reception/craziness for a few minutes for some photos of Ben and I and a little quiet time, and having the guys perform our first dance song was super special.

How beautiful is Jess and Ben’s wedding? Thank you to them both and to Lace and Luce Photography for sharing their Ontario wedding with Marry Me Ink. Be sure to leave them some love!

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