Love Letters – Leah & Andy’s Great Gatsby Engagement Shoot

Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you this gorgeous themed engagement shoot from Luna Photographie. They had the cutest Great Gatsby themed shoot in the woods and on the beach – I can’t wait for you to hear their story!

Andy and Leah met their sophomore year of college in an English class. They just happened to sit next to each other, and their professor warned the class that they may be sitting next to a future spouse. Little did they know, they were!

Andy asked Leah out every semester, but she said no until their senior year. He took Leah to an Italian restaurant and ice skating. It was then Leah realised Andy was the man of her dreams. 

Andy proposed to Leah in the same little Italian restaurant where they had their first date. He read her excerpts from his journal written about her and ended on one knee. This is the sweetest thing! (Also, the ring is beautiful!!)

Andy and Leah both love literature, which is what inspired their Great Gatsby engagement shoot. They love the style and feel of the twenties. Their wedding was also a Gatsby theme, with gold and black accents and flapper bridesmaid dresses!

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